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Reconnaissance Mission Uhre - DragonFire Region

Location of planet : Uhre, Uhre DragonForge region (204, 80, 984), Class M Planet, 6.2 LY rimward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Ensign Mega Larsson
    2. Ensign Calypso Titanium
    3. Cadet BenjaminBastian Hermans
    4. Cadet Josie Sauber
Clothes worn similar to 16th Century Earth, Equipment included Mk7 Tri-Corders, universial translators, and holo-imaging equipment. Commisoned officers also carried concealed Type I Phasers
Stardate: 101003.0100

History of Contact

Standard search list and analysis, no special reason

Technological Profile

  • On the planet there is a forest type vegetation, water features, grassy areas and rocky hills are seen around. There are structures made from an unknown material, which is a solar collector which powers a transporter system. The transporter system appears to be the primary form of travel between the various regions of the planet. No land, water, or air based vehicles were observed during the mission. The solar dish also powers a propulsion system that keeps some of the land masses in the region afloat in the air.
  • Other than the transporter system, low technology factors are observed throughtout the area. Civilization does not seem to possess vehicles capable of flight, let alone space travel or warp drives.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Beasts are either in quadraped or biped form. Mythics are welcome in Uhre... The Mythics recognized in Uhre are Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, Fauns, Fae, Halflings, Wood Devils, Shapeshifters, Manticors, Gryphons. Mythic brutes like Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, Hobgoblins. Drow, Dark Elves, and Drow Critters who follow Lloth. Ruled by the Drow Matron Zephora Vaer the place the Drow dwell is called Kil'lyl.
  • Region is suitible for human life and can support a wide range of plant and animal life

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • The ruling body of the planet are the Elders of Uhre. Representatives from each race currently residing on Uhre. The leaders of this counsel are know as Rik Sullivan, Tyr of Uhre and the Lord Shinko Kayo of Uhre .
  • The society is very aggresive towards members of opposite factions, however they are amicable towards members of their own faction. Opposing factions seem to fight over land, love interests, and to gain political power in their region.
  • Inhabitants take on various roles within society. These roles all fall under one of these categories; Stealth, Warrior, and Magics. Stealth all imploy the element of surprise quick melle attacks, either in hand to hand combat with small daggers and blades or at range with missle weapons. Two types of stealth factions are known to be called rogue or rangers. Rogue factions use healing techniques and use light armour whereas Rangers use medium armour and don't use poisoned weapons. Warriors appear to mimic the armor knights of Earth's Medieval period. Heavy metallic armor, large melle weapons, and hand held shields. Some take an oath to Uhre, swearing alleigence to the ruling body of the planet. The Magics employ a form of mysticism to either heal the wounds of allies or cause harm to enemies. They are known in three different sects, Mages are quickly timed spell casters in combat, Clerics are healing spell casters with some ability to use small weapons and Druids are nature casters, able to heal and atack with nature. They will not be able to heal as well as a cleric, or attack as well as a mage.

Threat Assessment

  • It is my opinion that while the inhabitants of this world are hostile towards each other, they are at least civil towards and allow outsiders to pass through their region without harrasment. They seem to grasp the concept matter transportation. And considering the amount of development these people have made towards flight technology and space travel, I believe at this time this planet and it's people pose no threat to the secutity of UFS and it's allies.

Strategic Objectives

  • None pursued at the moment, yet

Tactical Considerations

  • Small two man teams with minimal equipment and proper attire are recommended as long as a backstory if questioned is prepared as not to arouse any suspicion from the local inhabitants. Recomend Science Branch to despatch personnel to study the solar collecter and transporter system.
  • As the population seems too busy fighting amongst themselves for land and political power and the planet has no space vessel and is in pre-warp development, the plant and inhabitants of Uhre currently pose no threat to UFS at this time. I recommend the planet be visited at regular intervals in order to re-evaluate the planets development.
  • Weaponry - Observed crude meele and missle weapons. Our dragon captain mentioned some form of mysticism that could be used as a weapon but none was witnessed.
    • No conflicts were observed, however the person we met said there were fights among the locals in the region normally.

Vessel Database


Intelligence Reports

  • Encountered first life form. He called himself Drakoon, Reptilian from the looks of it. He claims to be a Captain in this worlds military force, and also an Elder in their society. Does not seem to be hostile towards outsiders. Says he is of the dragon race, which can live up upwards of 200 years or longer. He also claimed his species can breathe flames as a defense mechanism. He also gave us a small parchment listing the laws of this land.
  • Our dragon Captian also claims there are over 250 members of this world but only about 30 live in the area observed. He said there are many battles between the locals using crude melle weapons and some form of mysticism. He also mentioned a great battle was about to take place soon.