UFSI Report - Spartan Planet

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Region Reconnaissance Mission Spartan Planet

Location of planet: Class-M Planet, quite hot, 16 LY away spin ward from Pinastri

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Lt(jg) Kazia Ravenheart
    2. Ensign Cade Fray
Non UFS attire, but greek / roman Toga
Stardate: 101102

History of Contact

  • Standard investigation of pre warp culture

Technological Profile

  • The Planet is pre warp and does not have any transporter, phaser or computer technology. The only weapons are swords and bows that they use to defend them self and train with a lot.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • Inhabitants are humanoid, structures seem to indicate a time period similar to Greece, Rome or Sparta of ancient history Earth. Pre-warp.

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • The species on the planet is human. They didn't have any exact rank like we have pips I think their uniforms show rank. I think this because when we were walking around we saw some training the low rank trainees had little armor on but the Commander overseeing it had full armor on.

Threat Assessment

  • n/a

Strategic Objectives

  • none recommended

Tactical Considerations

  • They have two types of house armies. The soldiers are treated well as for massage areas, practice grounds but they have a disciplinary structure. There are prisons and wooden type cuffs that lock heads and hands in beams.

The Spartans have three known stances in battle as observed, they are: Aggressive attack Neutral attack Defensive attack

Vessel Database

  • There was a harbor which was divided into sections containing boats that are in port or to be repaired. There is fishing available not far from the port.
  • Large ships noted in harbor, sailing vessels, and ships powered by multiple rowers

Intelligence Reports

  • Planetary surveillance

On entrance to Sparta, we landed on a small port right by the village market. The land is hilly around the sides and flat in the middle. The merchants sell a vast range of clothes and weapons. It seems as though the richer merchants sell to higher class Spartans silk togas and special crafted katana swords are seen. Middle class are less advanced. There are advertisements to join the Sparta army dotted around the city. There is a good number of homes they are big and small most surrounded by a big wall with a big heavy entrance door. They have an impressive museum. Artifacts displayed and painted to represent their gods and fearless inhabitants who have won battles. In the central area of the Town there is a Big "pit" it is about 50meters deep. The town does have a arena and a theater.