UFSI Report - Spyglass Island

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Reconnaissance Mission Spyglass Island

Location of planet : The Spyglass, Class M Planet, 8.2 LY spinward from Pinastri

Stardate: 110426

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Buck Ghostraven
Attire and Equipment Utilized: Tricorder, Workbee shuttle utilised for underwater exploration, non UFS casual clothing


  • Reconnnaissance of Spyglass chain of islands: Spyglass Rez zone (145, 224, 19) & Spyglass Island (106, 147, 72)

History of Contact

  • No record of first contact or diplomatic accords

Technological Profile

  • Through reconnaissance and due to the fact that the area was uninhabited it was not possible to ascertain any technological data.

Physiological/Medical Profile

  • n/a

Cultural/Historical Profile

  • It would appear that the island was formed long ago and because of its small size, it has never been thought as being viable for inhabiting.

Threat Assessment

  • n/a

Strategic Objectives

  • n/a

Tactical Considerations

  • Apart from the underwater object found at Pslande there is nothing here that should be considered as a threat to UFS.

Vessel Database

  • No permanent vessels were observed. There were ocean going craft spotted passing by the Island and one wrecked sailing vessel close to the shore.

Intelligence Reports

  • Spyglass Island and rez zone are basically the same place. The landing point for the rez zone is underwater and only a few meter's from the island itself. Spyglass is a small horseshoe shaped Island surrounded with mountains on three sides with only one small entrance from the sea to the northern tip of the island. There is one small jetty that isthe entrance to the Island. It can be easily reached by sea from Tradewinds yacht club (94, 189, 22) or by shuttle from Hollywood airfield (111, 115, 22). The island is uninhabited with only the occasional visitor. The interior has many plants and trees none of which appeared edible.
  • The underwater exploration of the sea surrounding the rez zone and the Island there was a lot of aquatic life. On a small sandbank just off the shore there was a structure of some type but not able to ascertain its use.
  • One item of interest on the nearby Island of Pslande was an underwater entrance which will require a further covert investigation to ascertain what it is used for and where it leads.
  • Covert mission required to Pslande to investigate underwater entrance.
  • Further comments and recommendations : No further action required at this time.