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Chief of Staff
General Data
*Branch: Command
*Founded: 2384
*Status: Active
*Homebase: Starfleet Command
Division Staff
*Division Head: Cheryl Skinstad
*Vice Division Head: Luke Spiritweaver
*Chief of Staff: Vacant
Division Structure
*Office of Personnel


  • UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is the third in Command of UFS and is responsible for overseeing all administrative duties for both Ships of the Line and membership-related aspects of UF Starfleet. They have the most oversight of the UF Starfleet Database and needs of the individual member. UFS Chief of Staff reports directly to the Commander-in-Chief, United Federation Starfleet.


  • Manage all Administrative functions of UFS including
  • Collection and Analysis of Chapter and Sector Monthly Status Reports (MSRs)
  • Overseeing and maintaining the Ships of the Line Registry
  • Responsible for maintaining an efficient flow of information between chapters, sectors and fleet

Division Staff

Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
UF Starfleet Chief of Staff R-a2.png Cheryl Skinstad
UF Starfleet Vice Chief of Staff T-o6.png Luke Spiritweaver
Director UF Starfleet Personnel T-o7.png Data Axel
Director Promotions & Awards R-a1.png Kermie Mistwallow
Advanced Starship Design Bureau Y-o5.png Moonprince Rhode
Office of Fleet Operations T-o7.png Data Axel
Office of Shakedown Operations Y-o3.png Mironat Resident
Office of Recruitment & Retention R-blank.png Vacant

Staff Archive

UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

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