USS Hawking

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Deployment Information


Named after influential Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the USS Hawking was constructed in the late 2360s, where she has served as a noted survey vessel, charting the Maelstrom region of space near the infamous Badlands and the Briar Patch, which bordered Federation, Klingon and Cardassian space.

She has been transferred over to the Astraios Colony in the Gamma Quadrant in the early 2380s as one of their primary survey ships

Starship Design Statistics

  • Length :: 442.23 Meters
  • Width :: 318.11 Meters
  • Height :: 130.43 meters
  • Displacement :: 3,575,000 metric tons Metric Tons
  • Cargo Capacity :: 6.000
  • Hull Type :: Duranium/Tritantium Composite
  • Armour :: None
  • Decks :: 32
  • Crew :: 780
  • Evacuation Capacity :: 1000