USS Mata Hari

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Deployment Information


The USS Mata Hari was one of the Ambassador Class Starships assigned to the Delta Quadrant during the mid 2380s as an in-system Patrol Craft.

The Mata Hari has a long and distinguished career in Starfleet, often seconded to Starfleet Intelligence due to her namesake.

Her service in the Delta Quadrant has been mostly overseeing protection of the Pinastri Sector, and more recently, saw service during the conflict with the El' Dorain Combine in 2387, as part of the Flotilla engaging hostile forces during the Battle of Midgar, where she suffered severe damage after assisting in the rescue of the remaining personnel of the destroyed USS Nashira.

Repaired and Refitted, she continues to be one of the control vessels for Pinastri Sector's defense patrols.

Starship Design Statistics

  • Length :: 526 Meters
  • Beam :: 322 Meters
  • Draft :: 128 Meters
  • Displacement :: 3.700.000 Metric Tons
  • Cargo Capacity :: 42.000
  • Hull Type :: Duranium Hull
  • Decks :: 26
  • Officers :: 250
  • Crew :: 500
  • Evacuation Capacity :: 2750


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