USS Yellowstone (NPC Ship)

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Deployment Information


In 2286, the USS Yellowstone was one of the ships docked in Earth Spacedock when the Whale probe disabled all orbiting starships and stations. She is an ageing vessel, currently under the command of Captain Patrick Henson and is currently deployed on localised scientific studies within the Pinastri system

In 2383 on stardate 081110, whilst performing studies at the edge of the Pinastri sector, scientists aboard the USS Yellowstone detected an Dilithium rich M-class planet in an uninhabited star system in the adjacent sector. This system was to become known as the Excalibur Star System and became the first UFS colony outside of Pinastri.

Starship Design Statistics

  • Length :: 150 Meters
  • Beam :: 90 Meters
  • Draft :: 41 Meters
  • Displacement :: 94.000 Metric Tons
  • Cargo Capacity :: 4.000
  • Hull Type :: Monotanium
  • Decks :: 12
  • Officers :: 20
  • Crew :: 60
  • Evacuation Capacity :: 250


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