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"Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two."
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: UFS-RP008
*Initiated: 100502
*Ended: 100517
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: None
*Forum Thread: []
*Previous Mission: Through the Mirror
*Next Mission: Hide and Seek
*SIM Concept: Jadia Triellis
*Historian: Jadia Triellis

A fantastical crystal found and recovered by the crew of the USS Colossus brought back for inspection and identification, but was it more than it seemed to be?


From: Captain Tanra Leoin, CO USS Rotterdam


The USS Colossus found something...something that appears to be unique crystalline object which they transferred to us as they continued their journey. To say this is a unique phenomenon would be an understatement there is something inside almost, yet what could it be? Will be transferring the object to Command upon arrival.

In Service,

Captain Tanra Leoin CO USS Rotterdam


For the crew of the USS Colossus it was a routine mission, yet upon finding the field of crystalline objects they could not help but take a sample. As nothing occurred and no adverse affects seemed to be in the readings this was merely a trinket, something to relay to Command for further study. All was well as the object transferred aboard the Rotterdam however upon it's arrival on SS Nimbus something went wrong...

Power was lost and communications effectively blacked out. With SS Nimbus being a near impenetrable fortress and locked out to most visiting ships and officers it would be quite awhile before word was able to get through, before people would notice. An eerie calm descended upon the deck as the meeting was halted. What was there to do? How could word get out? Better yet, what was the cause of this phenomenon?

The cause became apparent soon thereafter due to a series of lights and blinks that seemed to occur. Teams were split into two in order to help find a way out of the dilemma which was appearing to unfold with several of the more scientifically minded types ordered to attempt to unlock the mysteries that were held within the Crystalline entity.

Progress was really not being made and so a suggestion was made which was followed, perhaps moving the Crystalline entity away from consoles would allow power to come back? Before a decision could be made, Major Slarus Rajal picked up the object which immediately seemed to..for lack of a better word, seize control of her body.

Almost as if she were a puppet the Major was manipulated, yet it did not appear as if the creature held any malevolence, identifying itself as Unity it simply wanted to be returned home to be with others of its kind.

After profuse apologizing and pledging to return the Crystalline Entity known as Unity to it's kind Major Rajal was released and after several attempts to phase back into herself was well. Medical did check her over and as per agreements made the Crystalline Entity was loaded upon the USS Rotterdam to return home to its kind.

So much we don't know...so much to still discover...upwards and onwards!