Vevarian Cluster

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Sovereign Class Starship.jpg
Vevarian Cluster
General Data
*Production number: 015
*Initiated: 080218
*Ended: 080219
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Paradoxial Anomaly
*Next Mission: Revenge is Powerful
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The Redeemer is to perform a survey mission of the Vevarian Sector. The Redeemer will be the one to chart this region for the Federation.


There is a rather crazy star-system in the cluster. There is a star, but the planets don't orbit it for some strange reason. They just sit and rotate on their axis. 2 of them are M-Class but only one is inhabited by intelligent species. The inhabited one is known as "Falkirrr Alpha" The Falkirrians are pre-warp and are of early 15th century Earth equivelant.

We will not be studying these people this time around, we will however study the planets and the star-system. This system does have a strategic advantage against the Empire's location. It is wise to claim it for the Federation.


The USS Redeemer surveyed the relatively uncharted Vevarian Cluster. It consists of planets in a scattered formation around a star, but they do not orbit. The Redeemer determined that the cause of this was a large amount of dark-matter that existed in sub-space.

A single Terran Empire vessel entered the system, it was a Miranda class. To get rid of the Imperial ship, the Redeemer decided to fly through a less dense cluster of dark-matter, harmless to a Sovereign class ship but just dense enough to harm an Imperial Miranda class vessel. The plan worked so well that the ship ended up exploding and bringing the dark-matter into normal space, along with misaligning the gravitational balance of the system.

There was an M-Class planet that was effected by this. It is inhabited by a pre-warp civilization which experienced seismic activity created by the shockwave from the dark-matter explosion. To prevent any further incidents, the Redeemer decided to find a way to use the dark-matter to mask some mines to protect the system, as it is a strategic advantage against the Imperial base.

Unfortunatly, 2 more Imperial ships arrived, Defiant class. These two managed to disable the Redeemer within minutes. The captain was in the ready room talking with Starfleet during all this and was just about to go back to the bridge to see what was up when he was beamed out and replaced by his long-though-dead counter-part from the Mirror Universe.

Mirror Quinnell stepped onto the bridge and informed the crew that their Captain would not be able to join them. Lt. Toshi managed to sedate Mirror Quinnell and take him to the brig. The Defiant ships moved off and went to warp.. heading: the Imperial base; taking Lt. Quinnell with them.