Wanted ! Antenna

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Wanted ! Antenna
General Data
*SIM Type: Missions of Pathfinder Research Facility
*Initiated: 101127
*Ended: 101127
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Wanted ! Antenna
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

PRF System Check Mission

Mission Briefing & Objectives

Commanding Officers Log

Stardate: 101127

Location: Pinastri System, Pinastri IV

On the last mission we discovered, that the Pinastri Sun was possibly manipulated - unusual radiation, shrinking of the heliosphere, solar winds with a rotating modulation. To manipulate a sun isnt something what is easily to accomplish. Which species has the technology to do that ? There also must be large technological facilities, antenna´s and orbital broadcasting stations and so on located in the Pinastri System. Thousands of years ago an unknown species forced to the rajans to install a observation facility at Pinastri II, installed an robot defense system to guard them. And now, thousands of years later, the manipulation become active and effects the life in our colony.

Next Mission Objectives:

- Locate any large facilities, antennas, etc which can proof the theory that the Pinastri Sun was manipulated in the past and which species is able to do that. - Update of astrometric and planetary datas of the inner planets of the Pinastri System, especially the comparison of the orbit of Pianstri II in the past 10000 years

Personal note of the CO : Do we know everything about the Pinastri System ?? - Not at all !! So lets start to discover another secret of the Pinastri Star System - lets find the mysteries and other exiting secrets.

Mission Logs

Command Log :

Exciting discoveries are made again. The Pinastri System must have been a center of ancient life, research and science in the Delta Quadrant. The amazing discovery that our sun could have been manipulated thousands of years ago forced to search for a large facility or kind of a parabolic antenna which could be used to cause a manipulation of sun radiation, solar winds and passive effects on the heliosphere thousands of years later. Maybe it had also an effect on the planetary orbits. The fact, or theory , that the ancient rajans were just a kind of a "support-nation" of an unknown more powerful ancient species is daring, but we found many signs for it. The mission today started with long range scans and after an intense research we found an interesing old crater on Pinastri V. Filled with water , but looking like an parabolic antenna. This alone wasnt very interesting - the real interesting fact was an unknown energy signature. The shuttle Cupido brought an away team to Pinastri V and we investigated the area. We found a small energy facility and a mine. Blue shining crystals were outside in an old lorry. Lt. Firehawk found an entry and a lower level flooded, but the most interesting thing was a second level below the first, flooded one - not flooded and with a breathable atmosphere. We found an energy device and as former archaeologist I was interested in an old large stone building ruin. There was also an old stargate , but before we could investigate , examine and doing more intense researches in the cave , we were attacked by automatic defense system. We saw no "Dalek" robot drones like on Pianstri II, but the defense system tried to teleport us away and outside of the cave. To prevent us from any kind of damage , we programmed the transporter of the shuttle and returned back to Pinastri IV and Pathfinder. This mission was over , but not the research of this place.



Reporting Officer : Cmdr. Quron Dagger Mission : Wanted ! Antenna Stardate : 101127.1000 Computer, start personal log entry...

Today's mission started like any other. After a short briefing we started our search for the cause of the strange behaviour of our Pinastri sun. Judging from the strange sensor readings it's most likely some kind of machine , rather then an anomaly causing these effects. So we started our search from the comfortable seats in our OPS. We concentrated our scans to the Pinastri system, since it appears to only have an effect on the Pinastri sun. To boost the efficiency of our scanners, I started boosting it with energy from not needed systems. While scanning we thought off checking past scans to find some possible clues of where the signal could have started, or when it's less effective due to possible planet or other object standing in it's view of the sun. During our investigation, Pinastri V became a more and more suspicious target. While analising the planets surface more closely, we detected that some weird rock formation actually had some energy signatures. Low energy, but detectable from long range. The rock formation was so unusual, it was worth checking it out. We took a shuttle to Pinastri V to check out this weird formation. After beaming down we started scanning the this lake. It turned out to be more like a almost completly submerged dish, rather then a regular lake. Our scans also revealed there was a large room beneath, filled with air. Leutenant Firehawk went down to check it out. When she arrived in the air-chamber she relayed the coordinates so we could use the shuttles transporter-system to get down there with them. Arriving in this chamber we found a large crystal that was somehow generating a huge ammount of energy. Even when it was slightly damaged, and couldn't produce as much energy as it used to, it was much more efficient then our best Federation counterpart. Regretfully we couldn't stay much longer. It appeared that our pressence down there, triggered some kind of defence mechanisme, forcing us to retreat to the shuttle. We desided to return to Pathfinder and analise our scanning results, so we can make a longer visit next time. Perhaps even stop it's destructive effect on our Sun.