What Mine Eye's Hath Seen

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What Mine Eye's Hath Seen
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP015
*Initiated: 100501
*Ended: 100501
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: What Mine Eye's Hath Seen
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Pedlar Blaisdale
*Historian: April Coswell

The crew manages to cure Commander Dwi, but gets caught in a crossfire with dire consequences.


Executive Officer's log, Stardate: 100501

Distance from pinastri: 10.5 Lyrs

Position : In orbit of the Planet Insilco on the border of the Midgar / Pinastri Sector

Following the recent events with the pirates and the realization that the Captain has been incapacitated by some sort of biological payload on a new weapon some Merc group iscreating in this sector, the crew of the USS Sheppard were forced to conduct an away mission to Insilco in an attempt to gain further information to allow us to save the Captain and attempt to determine what the full extent of this new weapon is.

Following the away mission, we have managed to save the following samples from suspect areas and hangouts of the Mercs on the planet's surface :

- Logs of the onworld activity of the pirate we had captured ( suspected to be deceased currently) Status - Currently Encrypted.

- A creature with two heads contained within a capsule which seems to have bio traces similar to the captured payload of the weapon we have in are cargo bay - Suspected to be the result of biogenic manipulation - does this lead us to what the baseline of the payload may be ?

- A plant that seems to be alive and attempted to communicate with Lt Cdr Nakamura - Ensign Marabana has recorded scans of Nanobites emitting in this area from the plant and when approached and touched by myself started to glow like the payload.

In an attempt to find additional items we located a hub within the city which had been covered with a jamming field of the same signature as the one used by the pirates. We attempted to breach it.

In the ensuing chaos of an alarm system being set-off, we managed to obtain a canister containing something from the storage area before beaming out .

As we have kicked off a hornets' nest setting off the facility's alarm systems, we need to assume that the mercs will know it's been us who have found a bit of their secret, so we will need to be prepared to attempt to evade them if they come to get their property back .

However, our main responsibilty will be to find out what these items we have recovered have to do with the payload and this weapon, and see if there is some new development that we can use to bring the Captain back. Although the Doctor has her stable and slowed the neurological changes, she hasn't managed to halt them, and with the information contained within the Captain's mind on Starfleet and our mission there is no way to know what damage this could lead to.


Following the away team’s return from investigating the planet in search of information on the elusive mercenaries, Executive Officer Pedlar Blaisdale ordered the bridge crew to be on the lookout for any response from the planet’s native civilization while she went to sickbay to attempt to communicate with a telepathic plant the away team had brought on board.

On the bridge, Lieutenant j.g. Jess Hamelin, Lt. Commander Pema Nakamura and Ensign Cordova Marabana managed to refine sensor signatures till they ascertained that three vessels were headed up from the planet on an intercept course with Sheppard – while long-range sensors showed two more vessels, matching the design of Red Sun Rising ships, entering the system.

In sickbay, Dr. Alexandrea Swords managed to cure Commanding Officer Mulgrave Dwi by creating an antidote from a sample from the plant brought onboard by the away team - but the plant itself attacked Commander Blaisdale.

Back in command, Captain Dwi was advised that the three pirate vessels coming up from the surface wanted "to have their property returned." After a short exchange of communications, the pirates attacked and a firefight ensued - while the three pirate ships from the surface were disabled, Sheppard was in turn severely damaged by an attack on her rear, from the two incoming Red Sun Rising vessels. The Sheppard crew fired a dekyon beam and disabled one of the two ships, but had to resort to drastic measures - beaming an unexploded enemy gallicite torpedo which had landed into deck 13 back into space, and detonating it - to destroy the other attacking vessel.

In the aftermath of the attack, Commander Blaisdale collapsed, for reasons unknown. while a garbled transmission from Lieutenant j.g. Generaal Joubert reported that Engineering teams working to fix the hull breaches had encountered trouble.