103rd Marine Detachment

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Semper Fi
Steel Crusaders
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: SS Tranquility
*Founded: 120112
*Status: Decomissioned
*Location: Second Life, Sector001
Detachment Command
*Officer-in-Charge: Penney Lancaster
*Deputy Officer-in-Charge: Vacant
Unit Gudion


The 103rd Detachment also known as the Steel Crusaders is based on the USS Tranquility under the operational commander of the Station's CO and XO. This is the first taskforce of its kind that combines both Aerospace and Infantry into a single fighting unit. Together both branches now pose a combined force to be reckoned with handling all situations regardless whether it is in space, a martian desert, alien beachhead or atmosphere.


  • Officer in Command (OIC) - Brigadier Penney Lancaster
  • Deputy Officer In Command (DOIC) - Vancant
  • Aerospace Elements
  • 132ed Fighter 'Reapers' Squadron - Outfitted with the Marine's newest Valkyries.
  • 146th Support 'Star Wolves' Squadron - Contains the Argo and Hammerhead Bomber.
  • Infantry Elements
  • 1st Platoon - Trained for deployment for from either sub-orbital or atmospheric units.