158th Marine Detachment

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158thGhostRiders ivory copy.png
Ghost Riders
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: None
*Founded: 120531
*Status: Recalled
*Location: Second Life Grid
Detachment Command
*Officer-in-Charge: Penney Lancaster
*Deputy Officer-in-Charge: Katsunagi Yaseotoko
Unit Gudion


The 158th Detachment Known as The Ghost Riders, is a classified marine unit based on the USS Corsair under the operational command of the ship's CO and XO. This is one of the first to combines both an Aerospace squadron and an Infantry Tactical Response Squad in a single fighting unit.

Detachment Breakdown


The 158th Ghost Riders infantry elements include one Tactical Response Squad with Special Forces Kit


The 158th Ghost Riders aerospace elements consists of the following:

Twelve Pilots from the 4th Airwing, 42nd Air Group, SF-146 - Star Wolves Squadron