29th Marine Detachment

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"Et relinquetur"
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: USS Taylorholic Durant
*Founded: 160808
*Status: Active
*Location: Second Life, Sector 001
Detachment Command
*Officer-in-Charge: Vacant
*Deputy Officer-in-Charge: vacant
Unit Gudion


The 29th Marine Detachment is stationed aboard the USS Taylorholic Durant. The Flagship of the Fleet, the Durant is honoured to have among its reserve crew the UF Starfleet Commander in Chief and other Joint Chiefs of Staff.

She is most often found mentoring new graduates of Starfleet Academy, assisting in the training of Senior Officers for additional responsibilities, and escorting dignitaries and VIPs to and from Starfleet's base in the Delta Quadrant, Pinastri Colony.

29th Marine Detachment History

Officially established on stardate 160808 after some months of temporary assignment on crucial deployments.

29th Marine Detachment
Officer in Charge G-blank.png Vacant
Deputy Officer in Charge G-blank.png Vacant
First Sergeant G-blank.png Vacant
29th Marine Detachment Marines
Marine G-blank.png Vacant
Marine G-blank.png Vacant