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General Data
*Home System: [Astraios Star System
*Home Planet: Astraios Prime
*First Contact: Stardate 100520
*Faction: Unknown
*Government: Astraionian Council
*Violence: minimal
*Primary Language: Verbal communication
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Astraionians
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Skin: Humanoid tissue
*Hair: varies
*Eyes: Diffrent colours
*Auditive: Standard auditory
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Average to Genius
*Genders: 2, Male/Female
Other Information


Astraionians are humanoid in appearance. They are otherwise indistinguishable from Earth-normal appearance. Both males and females tend to be taller (up to 9ft) due to the light gravity. Their DNA is 4-base, pan-human, and compatible with a number of Federation species. Hybrids with Astraionian females are known, if uncommon. Astraionians are very timid and reserved about sexual matters.



The Astraionians had an ancient, singular religion which involved the worship of rocks and a creation mythology that proto-life on this planet was destroyed in a "hail of rocks", and that new life was reseeded by the rocks themselves. Paleogeological study confirms that a major meteorite shower did extinguish all prokaryotic life forms some 350 million years ago and there may well have been some panspermia in the form of Arrhenius spores at this time, after which eukaryotes and multicellular organisms evolved.


The Astraionians have an interesting mix of technology. Their reverence for the past means that ancient structures built with hard work and simple tools are maintained and even used for ceremonial or religious functions. In addition, they have learned to appreciate and even use the special abilities of their home planet, which seems to have a mischievous consciousness that plays gently with inhabitants by moving or making invisible, inconsequential items, or returning things to a prior state so the work that was done the day before must be completed again. This aspect of their lives would be considered low tech and pre warp.

First contact with another species occurred around a century ago. Like many, Astraionians had looked to the stars, surveyed their system and learned about their area of the quadrant. As their technological prowess grew, they sent unmanned spacecraft to the moon and other planets in their system, and then beyond. There had always been a mysterious part of ancient history that claimed extraterrestrials had visited Astraios, but it was dismissed as fantasy. Eventually their presence was discovered by Treman. The Astraionians suffered through some invasion attempts by Tremanites, but due to the disorganization of the Treman military, Astraios was able to regain control. This pushed them, however, to move from their peaceful work in fields and gardens, to create more technologically advanced weapons and ships. Eventually through trading and scientific efforts, warp drive was developed.

There is one aspect of Astraionian technology that is kept top secret. This is the presence of an ancient Iconian device that transports a user instantly to other locations where such devices exist. Use of this hidden device is strictly limited to avoid detection. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, the balance of power in the quadrant and safety of innocent worlds could be severely compromised.

These days Astraionians have mixed their own technological knowledge with that of others they meet and trade with. Yet still there is a wish among the Astraionian people to maintain their society as peaceful, agrarian, and low tech.


Starfleet has established a Colony on Astraios Prime as part of a reciprocal agreement between the Federation and the Astraionian Council, trading protection for the system and sector in return for land and support of Astraios Colony. Relationship between the Colony and the Civilian Authority, which manages the planetary ecosystem and governs the day to day lives of inhabitants, is very strong. The Council, however, has some members who are against Starfleet's presence as they feel it abrogates the right of self-determination for the Astraionian people. Others favour a more universal approach and believe members of any group residing in the Sector should have a place in Astraionian affairs.... if they come to Astraios, they will bring with them commerce and trade. It is advised that all efforts be made to create and maintain relationships with Council members in order to preserve the safety of the Colony and Sector as well as the Astraionian peoples and their way of life.

Further, it is known that the Tremanites support and encourage the activities of space pirates, slavers, notorious entities, and others who skirt the laws. Although there is a peace treaty between Treman and Astraios, it is fragile, and the continuing activities of those who place profit and power above peace are a major concern for UFS. If open war were to break out between the two planets. the entire sector would be affected, and forces in the Quadrant who would like to see UFS disappear would applaud behind the scenes, then swoop in and take over when both planets have exhausted their supply of weaponary and solders. Therefore it is recommended that Starfleet maintain a visible military presence in the Sector to discourage warmongering, and that Intelligence personnel be deployed on Treman and in other areas of the Astraios Sector, and beyond, to assist in the gathering of data and information that will assist us to continue to control the situation and keep the peace. Every effort should be made to keep this mission clandestine, in order that the ordinary resident of the Sector and its systems may go about their lives and activities without concern or worry.


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