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Astraios Service Medallion
*Award Type: Commemorative plaque
*Status: Active
*Period: Yearly

  • Astraios Chapter Decoration


The Astraios Service Medallion was created 120304, it is a Chapter level award given to those serving in Astraios (3rd Rock Grid). Recipients receive acknowledgement of their loyalty, dedication and service on an extended tour of duty lasting a minimum of one year.


The Astraios Service Medallion is awarded to active UF Starfleet members who have completed a 12 month tour of duty at Astraios Colony.


Commanding Officers of UFS Chapters have the ability to create awards for personnel serving on their ship or station. UF Starfleet Astraios was re-established 110111. The CO wished to recognize the loyalty and dedication of officers who have worked diligently on behalf of Astraios for an extended period of time.

Notable Recipients

(As the Astraios Service Medallion was created and is awarded at Chapter level, it is not included on UFS Service Jackets. Recipients are listed here in acknowledgement.)

  • Karl Quar 120304 - Karl Quar was appointed as Sector Chief Engineering, Astraios Sector, on stardate 110228.
  • Alia Soulstar 120401 - Alia Soulstar graduated from Astraios Academy on stardate 110301, entering Medical branch.
  • Dolfke Barbosa 120401 - Dolfke Barbosa graduated from Astraios Academy on stardate 110301, entering Security Branch.
  • Poison Toocool 120401 - Poison Toocool was appointed Sector Commander 110322.