Astraios II

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Pinastri VIII.JPG.
Astraios II
General Data
*Class: Class J (Gas Giant)
*Type: Planet
*Location: Astraios Sector, Gamma Quadrant
*Star System: Astraios Star System
*Species of Note:Hydrocarbon-based lifeforms
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation of Planets protectorate
Astraios II is an uninhabited Gas Giant.

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class J
  • distance from sun: 6.8 AU
  • diameter: 110000 km
  • gravity: 12
  • atmosphere: extremely dense, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and 10 trace gases
  • weather system: none
  • temp.: -230C to -180C
  • surface: heavy storms and lightning, ion discharges
  • lifeforms: hydrocarbon-based lifeforms
  • tech. level: none
  • specials: none


History of planet


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