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The Chief of UF Starfleet Computer Operations is a dynamic position based around the need to keep the UF Starfleet's Computer systems online and running smoothly. As such, the Chief is responsible for keeping abreast of all current issues and maintenance that pertains to the continued progress of the United Federation Starfleet's Computer Operations department and reporting on these events via MSR reports and through the chain of command.

It should also be noted that the Chief Of Computer Operations as of January 2019 is a member of the UFS Joint Chiefs.


  • Oversee the creation, operation and maintenance as required, of all online UF Starfleet Web based resources.
  • Oversee support functions that pertain to the Computer Operations sphere of influence.
  • Recruitment, training (as required) and maintenance of trusted staff in order to carry out the departments mission.
  • Ensure that adequate supplies of bacon are on hand for the consumption of the Computer Operations department staff.

Staff Archive

Chief of UF Starfleet Computer Operations

Past Heads

  • Zed Drebin (unofficial)
  • Mateo Infinity
  • Generaal Joubert

Current: Eddie Hagoromo