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"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said" - Peter Drucker
Chief of UF Starfleet Communications
General Data
Branch: Command
Founded: 2384
Status: Active
Homebase: Pinastri Headquarters
Division Staff
Division Head: Poison Toocool
Vice Division Head: Evelyn Rieko
Chief of Staff: Oola Quan
Division Structure
Office of the Chief of Comms
  • UFS Social Events Management
  • UFS News & Promotions
  • Relay for Life Team
  • UFS Honor Guard

The Chief of Communications holds a crucial role in UF Starfleet, primarily responsible for ensuring effective communication and engagement within the organization as well as promoting UFS to the world at large.

One of the key responsibilities of the Chief of Communications is to publish UFS news, providing members with up-to-date information about the organization's activities and developments. They also organize social events for all members, creating opportunities for members to connect with each other and build a strong sense of community.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Chief of Communications is responsible for maintaining UFS's social media presence and sites. They promote a positive image of UFS to its members, non-members, and other organizations, making UFS visible and accessible to all. By leveraging social media channels, the Chief of Communications helps to build awareness and engagement with UFS, ultimately enhancing the organization's visibility and reputation.

Overall, the Chief of Communications plays a critical role in promoting effective communication, engagement, and community building within UF Starfleet. By providing news and information, organizing social events, and maintaining a strong social media presence, the Chief of Communications helps to promote a positive and inclusive culture within the organization, and to build awareness and engagement with UFS beyond its membership.


The Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications oversees several offices responsible for various functions within the organization. These offices include:

  • Social Events Management: This office is responsible for planning, developing, and supervising a multitude of social events for the group fleetwide. Social events may include Relay for Life, Admirals Banquet, Diplomatic Events, Career Fairs, and Non-RP gatherings.
  • UFS News & Promotions: This office is responsible for reporting events and announcements that happen in and around UFS. Roles include Reporter, Blogger, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Coordinator. This office plays a critical role in keeping members and potential members informed about the organization's activities and developments, as well as promoting UF Starfleet to a broader audience.
  • Relay for Life Team: The UFS Relay for Life Team, known as UFS Metamorphosis, is a dedicated group of UF Starfleet members who are committed to raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society's annual Relay for Life event. This team is responsible for organizing UFS's participation in the RFL season and coordinating fundraising efforts to support cancer research.
  • UFS Honor Guard: UFS Honor Guard: The Honor Guard is a unit of Ceremonial Guards who are called to stand at official occasions. Members of the Honor Guard are expected to exemplify the ideals and examples of UF Starfleet and maintain the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and respect. To join the Guard, interested members must have the rank of Lieutenant/Marine Captain or higher; have the recommendation of their Commanding Officer or a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and must have completed an Academy Continuing Education (ACE) Associates Degree. Members must also maintain good standing in the membership, participate in at least one event every four months, and adhere to UFS Uniform policy at all times.

Division Staff

Office of the Deputy Commander in Chief
Chief of UF Starfleet Communications Poison Toocool R-a3.png
Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Communications Evelyn Rieko R-o7.png
Director - Social Event Management Greg Esharham Y-o5.png
Vice Director - Social Event Management Siobhan Crystal R-o5.png
Social Media Coordinator Selina Otsuka R-o4.png
UFS Blog Coordinator GreenLantern Excelsior R-o6.png
Graphic Designer Vacant R-blank.png
Relay for Life Team Co-Captain Lizzy Gracemount T-a1.png
Relay for Life Team Co-Captain Kermie Mistwallow R-a4.png
Chief of Staff to the Chief of UFS Communications Oola Quan Y-o4.png


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Chief of UF Starfleet Communications


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