Code of Conduct

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This Code of Conduct is a living document, which sets us on the road towards Advancement, Growth, Maturity and Professionalism.

It contains the basic guidelines from which we should use as a step stone which leads to higher standards for all.

To the masses of the world, there comes a different meaning when they hear the term “Code of Conduct”. Everyone has different thoughts on what daily conduct they hold themselves to.

But we as fans of Star Trek® try to hold ourselves to the same standards as we believe we would if we were real life Starfleet officers.

We Will

  • Ensure that a means of communications always remains open between the members and the leadership. This is done by the chain of command
  • Fight against the spread of rumors, misleading stories and general miscommunication
  • Uphold ourselves to such standards that others will look upon us as role models
  • Treat all others, whether they are members or guests, with such respect as is socially accepted and as Starfleet® officers are perceived to act
  • Respect each others' cultures, religion, beliefs
  • Act as a team and help each other succeed
  • Praise in public and criticize in private
  • Wear such uniforms and tags as authorized in order to forge a positive image of our group, its members and our goals
  • Avoid conflict at all times

We Will Not

  • Criticize another’s comments in a public forum
  • Disrespect the uniform, group or its members in a public forum
  • Disrespect another person because of race, skin color, creed, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or physical/mental handicaps
  • Cause intentional mental harm to another
  • Make use of another’s property without first obtaining approval
  • Violate the Terms of Service of Second Life® or its owners, Linden Labs®
  • Forget that we are the embodiment of what we envision a Star Trek® organization should be and will cause no disrespect towards that organization whether it be represented in the real world or that of Second Life®