College of Security Sciences

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College of Security Sciences
General Data
*Founded: 2383
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri sector, Delta Quadrant
College Staff
College Schools
*School of Fleet Security

College of Security Sciences

The College of Security Sciences contains a broad range of classes, covering all aspects of practical security, operational protocols and procedures, and more.

Online Classes

Arrest, Restraint & Detention

Federation Law

History of Law Enforcement

Introduction to UFS Security

Legends of Starfleet Security

Phaser Safety

Security Organisations

Starship Security Systems I

Starship Security Systems II

Starship Security Systems III

Surviving the Cut: Introduction to EOD

Metaverse Classes

These classes are designed for the benefit of metaverse members and therefore can only be taken 'in-world'

Phaser Type II Proficiency

Phaser Type III Proficiency