Commander UF Starfleet Honor Guard

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The Commander (and Vice Commander) of the UF Starfleet Honor Guard are jointly responsible for ensuring UFS is represented with dignity and respect during ceremonial functions such as Promotions & Awards, Admiral's Banquet, funerals, weddings, treaty signings, and other events as required.


The Commander UF Starfleet Honor Guard is responsible for-

  • ensuring that Honor Guard are available for ceremonial events;
  • ensuring that Honor Guard are properly attired;
  • performing inspection prior to events;
  • informing the HG of upcoming ceremonies;
  • monitoring the behavior of HG participants;
  • reviewing applications from UFS members in good standing;
  • upholding the regulations of UF Starfleet;
  • demonstrating pride in the uniform;
  • setting the highest example in conduct and diligence in duty;
  • removing inactives from the group;
  • removing from HG those whose conduct or service is in question.



  • ADP Bachelor Degree OR CGSD I preferred


  • active & serving member of Honor Guard for at least 6 months
  • have been awarded the Honor Guard Ribbon for continuous dedication to the Guard
  • be Lieutenant Commander or above in rank
  • have demonstrable leadership experience