Department of Meteorology

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"Ad Astra"
Department of Meteorology
General Data
*Branch: UF Starfleet Science
*Division: Physical Sciences
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2379
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector
*Homebase: UF Starfleet Science Headquarter
Department Staff
*Department Head: Department Commander
*Vice Department Head: Vice Commander
*Vice Department Head: n/a
*Yeoman: n/a


Meteorology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting (in contrast with climatology). Meteorological phenomena are observable weather events which illuminate and are explained by the science of meteorology. Those events are bound by the variables that exist in a M-class planet's atmosphere. They are temperature, air pressure, water vapor, and the gradients and interactions of each variable, and how they change in time. The majority of a M-class planet's observed weather is located in the troposphere. Different spatial scales are studied to determine how systems on local, region, and global levels impact weather and climatology. Meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, and atmospheric chemistry are sub-disciplines of the atmospheric sciences.

There is a Meteorological Station located on Pinastri IV, near the Pathfinder Research Facility, where Meteorologists and other Science Officers monitor the planet's weather and stellar events such as ion storms that occur in the Pinastri Star System.

Departmental Staff

Director of UF Starfleet Meteorology C-blank.png Vacant
Deputy Director of UF Starfleet Meteorology C-blank.png Vacant