Department of Paleontology

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Branch/Division motto/slogan.
Department of Paleontology
General Data
*Branch: UF Starfleet Science
*Division: Evolutionary Sciences
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2379
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector
*Homebase: UF Starfleet Science Headquarters
Department Staff
*Department Head: Commander
*Vice Department Head: Vice Commander
*Vice Department Head: n/a
*Yeoman: n/a


Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life, including organisms' evolution and interactions with each other and their environments. As a "historical science" it tries to explain causes rather than conduct experiments to observe effects.

Paleontology uses techniques drawn from a wide range of sciences, including biochemistry, mathematics and engineering. As knowledge has increased, paleontology has developed specialized subdivisions, some of which focus on different types of fossil organisms while others study ecological and environmental history, such as ancient climates.

Departmental Staff

Department of Paleontology
Director of UF Starfleet Paleontology C-blank.png Vacant
Deputy Director of UF Starfleet Paleontology C-blank.png Vacant