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The Director of Academy Administration runs the UFS Academy Administration Department with assistance Academy Administrators. He/She is answerable directly to the Commandant UFSA.


  • Overseeing and running the Admin Department.
  • Delegating tasks to Admin Staff relevant to the running of the Admin Department
  • Processing all applications for UFS Academy, ipso facto applicants to UFS.
  • Adding applicant to the Academy group.
  • Updating all class alumni charts on the UFS Forum & maintaining the same.
  • Updating all class alumni charts on Live Google & maintaining the same.
  • Keeping College Deans updated on completed classes.
  • Assisting the Commandant and Vice Commandant when required.
  • Submitting suitability of promotion assessments of Admin Staff.
  • Attendance of official UFS Academy functions is mandatory!

Staff Archive





These classes must be taken within X number of days of taking the billet

Suggestions (Not Required)



  • A genuine commitment is required to do this essentially paperwork task effectively.
  • Recommendations from previous department heads are welcome.
  • The ability to work unsupervised effectively.
  • A grasp of Excel spreadsheets and word processing an advantage.


  • Three months in the Academy Branch

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • None

Minimum Rank

  • Lieutenant JG