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The Director of UFSA Wards oversees the current UFSA Awards and creation of future awards. He also oversees the whole UFSA Order of Achievement program and cheeks the submissions by the members to upgrade their current Order level after passing a threshold. Oversees the submission documents and uploads Order of Achievement certificates to Facebook and complies a monthly list for publication in the Delta Communicator


  • Creation and maintenance of UFSA awards
  • Processing the recommendations for UFSA awards being awarded to UFS members.
  • Sends out Order certificates for UFSA Order of Achievement to member and uploads those to Facebook
  • Files a monthly report to the UFSA Superintendent for the Delta Communicator with names and levels of Order of Achievements awarded in the month
  • Compiles a monthly list of Order of Achievements awarded for the Delta Communicator
  • Creates and oversees the Office gdoc's and database pages as well as the upgrade request files
  • Teaching at UFSA
  • Attendance of official UFS Academy functions is mandatory!

Staff Archive





These classes must be taken within X number of days of taking the billet

Suggestions (Not Required)



  • Excellent command of written English.
  • Active Academy Instructor
  • Must have passed a good number of classes from a wide range of colleges
  • Basic to advanced knowledge of graphic programs
  • Knowledge of how to work and update the UFS-Wiki

Minimum Rank