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General Data
*Class: M-Class
*Type: Large Planet
*Satellites: Two moons, Shire and Chestnut
*Location: Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Equss System
*Species of Note:Equiner
*Faction Affiliation: Independant

Planetary Statistics

  • Classification: High Gravity World
  • Distance from Sun: Unknown
  • Diameter: 23.745km
  • Circumference ~81.000
  • Gravity: 3.3 G
  • Atmosphere: 74% Nitrogen, 24% Oxygen, 2% trace gases
  • Weather system: Fully controled by automated, orbital stations
  • Temp.: Avergae of 14 degrees celsius
  • Orbital Speed: Not Recorded
  • Surface: 9 Continents and extensive water areas
  • Life forms: Rich planetary flora and fauna
  • Tech. level: Highly advanced compared to Federation standard


The planet the Equiner developed on is called Equestria and is the 6th planet of the system. Equestria is 23.745km in diameter, has nine continents spread out over its surface and very rich, violet-blue oceans. Equestria is circled by the two moons Shire and Chestnut. Chestnut received its name from the rich iron-oxide atmosphere which causes it to shimmer rust-red on the night sky. Chestnut is similar to the planet Mars in the Sol system. The name of the moon Shire comes from a term used to refer to male herd protectors in Equiner’s ancient times. Shire follows Chestnut across the sky and it appears as if Shire is protecting Chestnut on its journey, hence the choice for its name.

In the beginning of its modern society, there were several hundred sovereign countries on the planet. This is a common stage of development for most civilizations in the known universe. These countries fought wars over religious and resources. Different countries hated members of other countries. The conflicts grew more devastating with the development of advanced weaponry and nearly led to the extinction of the species in a global war in which even thermonuclear weapons were used. Fortunately, the population recovered from that devastating period and emerged into a new age of thinking and awareness. Today, the herds celebrate the things they have in common. Religious conflicts have been outgrown as science explained more and more about the why and how. The planet does have what is classified as a religious heritage but it not the organized religions has developed, for example, on Earth.


The technology level is highly advanced compared to the Federation. To name a few of their advancements, they had personal protection shields which could withstand explosions and the fire of at least 4 phaser III rifles for over half an hour before they would overload. They also passed personal cloaking technology. One of their biggest advantages in weaponry was without any doubt, the Telemo-Canon. This canon can “beam” a bomb over long distances into another vessel or station through the 5th dimension.

No known shield in the Federation would have been able to protect a vessel from one of these weapons if fired. A bomb can travel over 15 million km through this 5th dimension in practically zero time. This is the weapon that is the basis for the rise of the Equestrian Empire and its ability to conquer so many systems in such a short time. This weapon also is an excellent defensive weapon and prevents the taking of heavy losses in a battle.

Empire ships were built as spheres with a very strong hull armor and three sets of shields. The biggest ship was 3200 meters in diameter and had a large ring around the middle holding the engines. Those ships were able to make the jump between the Milky Way and Andromeda in less than 4 weeks.


Equestria has a very dense iron core which produces a gravitational pull of 3.3 times Earth standard. This causes the species of the Equiner to grow tall and massive to be able to withstand the gravitation and still be able to move and survive on the planet. The usual height for an average Equiner is 2.65meters and the average weight under Earth gravitation would be roughly around 300kg. To counteract the low gravity on other worlds many Equiners wear a personal graviton generator. This generator creates a gravitational field around their bodies of their normal 3.3G. One day on Equestria lasts 34 standard hours and one Equestrian year is 1.35 Earth years.

The average temperature on the planet is 14 degrees Celsius.

Today the planetary weather is under full control of the orbital weather control stations and satellites and no dangerous storms threaten the population. Historically, before these technological advancements, devastating storms with wind speeds up to 320kph were common.


The planet is covered in wide fields, forests and other forms of vegetation matching a typical M-class planet of this size.

Due to the high gravitation trees either are gigantic to withstand the pull or are very low in hight by that for very wide in diameter with their branches.


The planet has a very rich land, water and air-based selection of life forms. Due to the dense atmosphere on the planet which produces storms on a regular base and the animal life adjusted to it by growing strong and developing different skills to survive these killer storms. For example, most species build some type of shelter or dig themselves into the ground in event of a storm.