Flight Technician

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Description: An engineer under the Starfighter Command branch, Research and Maintenance division, Maintenance department who specialises specifically in fighter engine systems, aerodynamics and physics.

People holding this billet do not build or script anything. This is a roleplay billet only.


  • Performing maintenance of fighter engine systems.
  • Performing repairs and upgrades to fighter engine systems as necessary.
  • Assisting the Flight Research department in designing and testing new engine systems and fighter/shuttlecraft/other support craft designs.
  • Assist the Air Group in a support capacity, deployed as both a Combat Pilot (restricted from holding any positions within the Air Group division) and a Flight Technician.
  • Submit a log on all activities undertaken over the past week to the Maintenance Department Director at the end of each week.
  • Other duties, as assigned by the Maintenance Department Director.


Academic (Mandatory Classes)

For Flight Technician:

For Combat Pilot:

Academic (Suggested Classes)

For Flight Technician:

For Combat Pilot:

Minimum Rank

2nd Lieutenant or Airman Basic