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General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: Three Moons,two are natural and unnamed,Third is artificial named Prison Moon
*Location: Gorean Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Gor System
*Species of Note:Priest-Kings(Insectoid),Kurii (Lycanthrope),Gorean (Humanoid)
*Faction Affiliation: None
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

Planetary Statistics

  • Classification: Class M
  • Distance from Sun: 1.0 AU
  • Diameter: 12 756.2 km
  • Circumference 40,075.16 km (Equatorial)
  • Gravity: 0.8g
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen
  • Weather system: Temperate, Continental nature, with a Maritime climate
  • Temp.: Min: -89.2 °C Mean:14 °C Max:57.8 °C
  • Orbital Speed: 107,200 km/h
  • Surface: Variety of climatic Conditions ranging from tundra to desert, with heavily forested Regions.
  • Life forms: Priest-Kings(Insectoid),Kurii (Lycanthrope),Gorean (Humanoid), Animal(Variable)
  • Tech. level: Variable


Gor is a planet that was moved in to the System over a million years ago by an alien race known as the Priest-kings. They are a highly intelligent species that rule over the planet from their hiding place in the depths of the Sardar Mountains. The Planet is in a parallel orbit to the third planet in the Gor System Gaia. However the planet remains concealed from Gaia scientists by careful shielding. Smaller in size and different in mass, Then Gaia, making gravity lighter. Most of the life on the planet is not native to Gor, the planet has been populated by different species acquired during voyages by the Priest-kings to other planets that they know. Including a large population of different species from Gaia, before it was affected by industrialization, The Humanoid population of Gor known as Goreans is made of people whose ancestors were taken from Gaia. And some who are still taken.

The Priest-kings became aware of the people of Gaia long ago and found them to be an interesting Race. Believing however that if left alone on Gaia they would eventually destroy themselves, due to access to advance technologies, thus a population was taken to Gor and the access to advance technology like weapons, transportation and even some political alliances are watched, if there is a violation the removal is handled swiftly. They believe that the people of Gaia are not yet ready to handle the technologies they limit and though they guide the peoples of Gor, the Priest-kings do so without being seen. But they keep a tight control over the peoples of Gor.


Though certain technologies are limited others are allowed to be explored, Gorean Medical technology is quite advanced, even in some may more then Starfleets. In the area of Transportation and weapons it limited and kept at a level not unlike that of Ancient earth.


Gor is a Savage world, Mostly untouched by the Goreans. Survival is determined by a persons strength and ability to take their place in the natural order of the planet. Be it with other Goreans , other animal species, with heavy cultural restrictions or alone. There are many prehistoric in size predators that roam the planet, From its lush Tropical Forest on some islands, or European like northern regions. The planet its self has one large continent about the size of Earths Europe, a large Ocean teaming with life and many Islands.

The Planet of Gor has Three Moons, two are natural and unnamed the third is actually a giant Steel sphere and is known as the Prison Moon, it is actually a Prison run by the Priest-kings and was a Kurri Sphere.


From Northern Forests, harsh deserts, frozen tundra, tropical forests and vast plains there are many different forms of plant life all over the planet; it varies in much as Earth and Gaia and many other M class planets.


There are many different species found all over the service of Gor, due to the low gravity of the planet, many large predators and flying creatures have evolved. Many different species in habit the land, sea and air of the planet, though not all if any of them are originally from the planet , it is not known if there was life on the world before the Priest-kings moved it in the orbit it is in today.