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General Data
*Home System: [Relos
*Home Planet: Relos IV
*First Contact: Nausicaans: Earth year 1984; Federation: Stardate 6125.0 (August 22, 2267)
*First Contact By: USS Saratoga (NCC 1720, Constitution class)
*Faction: Federation
*Government: Republic
*Violence: capable of violence when needed
*Primary Language: Relosian, Federation Common
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Gul-Ku-Ren
*Scientific Family: humanoid (giant)
*Scientific Order: mammalia
*Skin: predominantly green, with variations to grayish blue-green
*Hair: black
*Eyes: humanoid: red, brown, yellow, blue, purple
*Auditive: humanoid ears and vocal system
*Emphatic: no
*Telepatic: no
*Intelligence: typical for space-faring humanoid species
*Genders: standard humanoid bimodal (male/female)
Other Information


The Gul-Ku-Ren are the dominant sentient species on the planet Relos IV. Until contact with the [[1]], they were a set of warring pre-electricity societies, similar to medieval Europe. The Nausicaans had no compunctions against using the planet's resources and people. And so the Gul-Ku-Ren, as well as the other sentient species on Relos IV, the Kin'Li, were dragged into the modern age.

Appearance & physiology

Gul-Ku-Ren are one of the tallest known humanoid species, standing roughly 4 meters tall, with green skin. Average adult male height is 4.2 meters; average adult female height is 3.8 meters. Their masses are similarly very large: average mass for Gul-Ku-Ren females is 430 kg (950 pounds); for males, it is 600 kg (1300 pounds). An adult Gul-Ku-Ren male can weight up to 1500 pounds. Their proportions are similar to humans, though they tend to be slender relative to their height. As a consequence of their size, Gul-Ku-Ren are exceptionally strong, and have been seen in battle using field artillery as personal sidearms. Gul-Ku-Ren can run at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, and can sustain that speed for a number of hours. Because of their exceptional physical abilities, they were (prior to independence) highly prized by Nausicaa as heavy infantry or shock troops.

Gul-Ku-Ren skin tones vary from a grayish blue-green or muted turquoise to a deep green, with pure greens more common. Eye colors tend to be red, brown and yellow, with blue or purple a rarity. Hair is uniformly black. Natural Gul-Ku-Ren lifespan can be up to 130 Earth years; with modern medicine, this can be greatly expanded. Some internal organs are unique to the Gul-Ku-Ren, and are not well understood. Gestation period is about 1.5 Earth years.


Relos IV is a rare planet in that it has two native sentient humanoid species. Until contact with the Nausicaans, the Gul-Ku-Ren existed as a set of Balkanized pre-electricity societies. They are considered as having been the dominant species on Relos IV, with most contact between the species consisting of wars and raids conducted by the Gul-Ku-Ren against the other sentient species on Relos IV, the Kin'Li. This natural enmity mostly vanished after contact with the Nausicaans, but sometimes can appear in subtle ways.

Nausicaans made first contact with the people of Relos IV in Earth Year 1984. Since then, they have been a client planet of the Nausicaan Hegemony. The Nausicaans introduced modern technology to the Relosians; today, the Kin'Li tend to be the scientists and engineers, while the Gul-Ku-Ren are the warriors and many of the policitians.

Relosians have attempted several uprisings against the Nausicaans over the last 300 years. The uprising began in 2409 with the Proclamation of Khoon. Though the rebellion was at first crushed, and the early leaders all sent to Nausicaa for execution, in 2412 the Relosians succeeded in gaining their independence. They have petitioned to join the United Federation of Planets.


Gul-Ku-Ren had a variety of cultures prior to first contact. The Nausicaans sought to encourage the warrior side of Gul-Ku-Ren culture, and so for the last 400 years, they have been more focused on fighting and war. Gul-Ku-Ren religion is similar to Kin'Li religion in that there are thought to be two principal forces in the Universe in constant conflict. Many Gul-Ku-Ren will even identify these two forces as the Maker and the Unmaker, as the Kin'Li do. However, they do not by and large share the Kin'Li aversion to destruction. Instead, destruction is seen merely as another cycle of life. There are many shades of Gul-Ku-Ren culture and religion, however, and there are even some joint Gul-Ku-Ren and Kin'Li shrines with mixed-species priesthoods.


The level of technology on Relos IV varies considerably with location on the planet. The big cities Kelluet and Terat enjoy technology on par with Nausicaa. Likewise, provinces such as Ventuen, Kerile and Ayapeliat enjoy a similar level of technology. However, there are provinces, such as Westglen, which are still largely pre-electricity, existing at a level of technology similar to 15th-19th century Europe. Not unlike the Kin'Li, some Gul-Ku-Ren revere a pre-electricity lifestyle as better preparation for the rigors of being a warrior. As a consequence, there are Gul-Ku-Ren areas of Relos IV that have a level of technology similar to 15-19th century Europe.


Both Relosian species want to join the Federation. As a first step toward that goal, a Kin'Li attended Starfleet Academy as an unaffiliated race, and after graduation was commissioned as a Starfleet officer. That Kin'Li still serves with distinction. If admittance is denied, Relos IV is likely to be reconquered by the Nausicaans.


Written by Nora Gerhadsen; uploaded 140313