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UFS Promotions Manual
General Data
Original by: Director of Promotions and Awards
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  • MilesPrower Dagger
  • Kermie Mistwallow
Becomes Effective: 210221 CURRENTLY IN USE
Published By: UF Starfleet Promotions and Awards
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Intended Audience: All current and future members of UFStarfleet
Last revision Date: 220716


This manual serves as a guide to writing Promotion recommendations and the policies surrounding promotions. Any questions regarding promotions should be emailed to

One of the first questions asked by many officers and enlisted is “How do I get promoted?” This is one of the most common questions in any Fan Organization. In the following points, we will try to explain the concept of promotions as clearly as possible.

The question you should ask yourself rather than WHEN do I get promoted should be WHAT can I do to EARN a promotion.

The Basic Concepts of a Promotion

Promotions are given to those members who choose to take the officer route within UFS. An officer is either a Commissioned or Non Commissioned (enlisted) member that serves on a ship or station. Civilians are not eligible for promotion in UFS as they hold no rank .

UFS recognizes the contributions made by its members through the granting of fictional ranks. Promotions are one way for UFS Command to thank our members for their contributions and activities within our organization.

The basic concept of ANY promotion is plain and simple, promotions involve participation and contribution to the group. Simply put, you get out of UFS what you put into it. When you participate within UFS in whatever capacity you choose, you will be promoted in due time. However, if you simply only perform duties on your ship/station, this will take longer than TIG dictates and requires a significant amount of effort put in.

We encourage every UFS member to participate at ALL levels, you do NOT have to hold a high office in UFS to get promoted to Captain or Admiral but as previously stated, it will take longer and be more difficult to attain these ranks. However, that being said, if you never do anything outside your Ship or Station, it will be much harder to get these higher promotions.

Please understand that UFS Command uses promotions to REWARD its members for their contributions made to UFS as an organization. UFS is not OBLIGATED to promote anyone. UFS Command will promote its members when UFS Command sees fit to offer a promotion, but NEVER when a member THINKS they should get a promotion or DEMANDS one.

Promotions are...

  • Not the end all be all. Frankly put, anyone can get a promotion to any rank within UFS. Just because you are not a Joint Chief or Sector Commander does not mean you will not be considered for a promotion to flag rank. Within UFS, there are not many Senior positions to go around. There are many hardworking members at all levels of UFS, but just because you only wish to work on your Starship or Space Station does not mean you will not have a chance to be promoted beyond the rank of Captain.
  • Fictitious and should NOT be used to belittle any other member. If you pull rank or haze other members, you can expect to be reprimanded quickly within UFS, whether you are an Admiral or a Crewman.
  • Awarded for service and responsibility to UFS. They are not awarded for personal favors or favoritism.
  • Something you earn. You are not entitled to a promotion; you have to earn it by following the guidelines set forth in this manual.

Rank versus Authority

Rank and Authority are sometimes confused. Your RANK is fictional while authority is real. A rank is awarded to you for your service in United Federation Starfleet. The AUTHORITY of Commanding Officer, Sector Commander, or Joint Chief is given to them by the Commander-in-Chief, United Federation Starfleet, in order to enforce their administrative and management jobs.

New Member Rank

All new members start as “potential members” until such time as they take and pass the Membership Exam. Once the membership exam has been taken and passed the member will be promoted to the starting rank of their chosen path

  • Enlisted - Crewman/Private
  • Commissioned - Ensign/2nd Lieutenant)
  • Civilian - No rank

Kinds of Ranks & Promotions

Line Promotions

Line promotions consists of all promotions up to the rank of Commander/Lt Colonel

All Line Promotions are awarded by the Commander-in-Chief with the help of the Director Promotions & Awards and Promotions Board members.

Any member of UF Starfleet can submit another member for promotions however it is the responsibility of each CO to monitor and ensure the names of eligible crew is submitted and maintained via a written Promotion Recommendation using the forms provided.

Command Grade Promotions

Command Grade Promotions are promotions to Captain/ Colonel and Fleet Captain/Brigadier

The rank of O-6 and O-7, is issued by the UFS Promotions Board and voted upon by the Joint Chiefs of Staff upon nomination by a UFS member following the UFS Promotion Guidelines and TIG, this is then discussed with the Joint Chief and voted upon.

Flag Rank Promotions

All Flag Rank promotions are determined by the UFS Promotions Board upon nomination by UFS members following the UFS Promotion Guidelines and TIG for Flag Ranks.

All Promotion recommendations are requested using the Promotions and Awards Form

Form - | P&A Form

ANY and ALL questions regarding promotions can be directed to

Promotions & Time in Grade

Many members think that Time in Grade automatically warrants a promotion to the next rank. United Federation Starfleet uses Time in Grade as an indicator that one may be ELIGIBLE for a promotion. This basically means that a member who has performed his duties and has been active as well as meeting all other requirements for that next rank MAY be submitted for a promotion consideration once Time in Grade is met.

Eligibility does NOT mean “automatically granted

In order to receive a promotion, the member needs to demonstrate superior performance and prove growth since the last promotion

Reduction of Time in Grade

While UFS is very strict with the use of TIG, for those members that truly go beyond the scope of their normal duties, we do have the possibility to have one's TIG reduced up to 6 months for promotion eligibility depending on their level of activity.


Please note that consistent activity is a major factor in promotions, prolonged periods of inactivity, or only being active when you think a promotion is due can severely impact promotion recommendations.

Promotions and conduct

United Federation Starfleet is a fan organization based upon Starfleet as depicted in the TV show “Star Trek”™. Starfleet is an organization based upon a strict set of rules and regulations as well as personal conduct.

In UFS we try to emulate this environment as closely as possible so that means that we only expect the best from you.

We all try to be proud members of UFS and we try to bring this outwards into the world. We are starfleet members so we expect from you to behave as a starfleet member.

So you can be as active as you want but when you cannot follow our rules and regulations or have serious issues following the conduct of a member as outlined in the UF Starfleet Membership Manual, then this will certainly affect your promotions.

A very good Star Trek episode to watch and to understand promotions is Star Trek The Next Generation: Tapestry

"If you want to get ahead, you have to take chances... stand out from the crowd, get noticed!" - Riker to Lieutenant Picard

Why to NEVER expect a promotion

We know that members start to count their TIG and compare that with what they THINK they contributed to UFS and then start to expect a promotion. This often leads to disappointments when one doesn't get promoted on the exact time that they feel they should get promoted. So while said member would only look at how active they think they are, UFS Command takes into consideration other facts to see if a promotion is warranted.

Think of it like this, the higher in rank that you go, the more that is expected of you, it is easier for a an ensign to get promoted to Lt JG by just contributing via roleplay, than it would be for a Lt Cmdr to be promoted to Cmdr for doing the same thing.

  • A UFS member that does their normal duties aboard their ship or station: usually does NOT get promoted exactly on their TIG but rather some months after their TIG has passed.
  • A UFS member that does their normal duties aboard his ship or station but is also active within a fleet office such as the academy: MIGHT get promoted on TIG
  • A UFS member that is active above and beyond the call of duty by helping out within VARIOUS offices at UF Starfleet Command: UF Starfleet Command will consider dropping between 1 to 6 months of the officer`s TIG, however this may be rare and only happens at the Admiral’s Banquet.
  • A UFS member that is active but has a history of getting “upset” when they don't get their way will have this negatively affect their promotion eligibility.
  • A UFS member that is active but resigned a position to “teach” UFS Command a lesson does not only affect your promotion eligibility but also your chance to work at UF starfleet Command again.

The more we see your name pop up in a good way, the more likely you are to get promoted.

The more UFS Command personally sees your name pop up in a good way, the more likely you will be chosen for leadership positions.

An example as to when you might get disappointed:

Let's say you get promoted to COMMANDER. You know that TIG to be eligible for Captain is 12 months. That means we will ask your Commanding Officer along with anyone else in UFS you worked for what you did during these 12 months that warrants a promotion. If from those 12 months you only were active for 2 months, we can all agree that you are not going to get a promotion at this time.

So being active only close to the end of your TIG is not going to help you when it comes to promotions.


As UFS grants promotions for your contributions towards the organization, we also reserve the right to take away a promotion (demotion). Your conduct and general behaviour within the organization is the main source as to why UFS Command might consider to demote one of its members.

Important for Commanding Officers

As a Commanding Officer, your crew members look to you regarding promotions. It is in your best interest as a Commanding Officer, especially for your credibility in the eyes of your crew AND UF Starfleet Command, to NEVER promise one of your crewmembers a promotion or even use promotions as a way to get crew on your ship.

It's also expected that YOU, as a Commanding Officer within UFS know and understand this manual.

In fact, it's our advice to not even mention to any of your crew that you are going to send in a promotion recommendation. This way you avoid disappointment and even loss of face if your recommendation is denied.

In many cases, your crewmembers will come to you stating they are about to reach their TIG or have just reached their TIG.....This usually is a subtle way of telling YOU...hey, it's time to put me up for promotion. In these cases it is best to immediately explain to them that TIG does not equal promotion and that YOU as their Commanding Officer will take it under advisement. That way you can decide whether or not to send in a request for promotion.

Promotion Requirements

This section will give you as a member the minimum requirements that must be met to receive the next grade of promotion. These indicators are in no way an exact science, so it's never a good idea to start to expect a promotion. See Rank Chart for a simplified version


  • Regular Fleet Work - contributions that are not just on the member's ship, this could be working within the academy writing classes, greeting, or assisting in the Joint Chiefs Offices.
  • Evaluation by a Command Officer - This means the member's CO must also directly submit a recommendation for the member as well as any additional required recommendations.
  • Leadership - This could be anything from being chief of a department to showing leadership in an away team roleplay, taking the initiative in discussions in discord, or organizing events,

Promotion Requirements - Enlisted

Crewman Recruit Crewman Apprentice/Private Crewman 3rd Class/Private 3rd Class Crewman 2nd Class/Lance Corporal
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) N/A 1 1 2
Service Jacket Up To Date N/A
Good Behaviour and Conduct N/A
Number of Recommendations needed N/A 1 1 1
Regular Fleet Work N/A
Evaluation by CO N/A
Crewman 1st Class/Corporal Petty Officer 3rd Class/Sergeant Petty Officer 2nd Class/Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1st Class/Gunnery Sergeant
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) 3 4 6 9
Service Jacket Up To Date
Good Behaviour and Conduct
Number of Recommendations needed 1 1 1 1
Regular Fleet Work
Evaluation by CO

Promotion Requirements - Commissioned

Commissioned - Line Officers Grade
Ensign/2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade/1st Lieutenant Lieutenant/Marine Captain
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) N/A 3 3
Service Jacket Up To Date N/A
Good Behaviour and Conduct N/A
Number of Recommendations needed N/A 1 1
Regular Fleet Work N/A
Evaluation by CO N/A
Commissioned - Line Officers Grade cont.
Lieutenant Commander/Major Commander/Lieutenant Colonel
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) 6 9
Service Jacket Up To Date
Good Behaviour and Conduct
Number of Recommendations needed 2 2
Regular Fleet Work
Evaluation by CO
Examples of Leadership
Commissioned - Command Grade
Captain/Colonel Fleet Captain/Brigadier
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) 12 15
Service Jacket Up To Date
Good Behaviour and Conduct
Number of Recommendations needed 3 3
Regular Fleet Work
Evaluation by CO
Examples of Leadership
Commissioned - Flag Officer Grade
Commodore/Brigadier General Rear Admiral/Major General
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) 20 25
Service Jacket Up To Date
Good Behaviour and Conduct
Number of Recommendations needed 4 4 (at least one by a JC or SC)
Regular Fleet Work
Evaluation by CO
Examples of Leadership
Commissioned - Flag Officer Grade cont.
Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General Admiral/General
Months Active in Previous Rank (TIG) 30 36
Service Jacket Up To Date
Good Behaviour and Conduct
Number of Recommendations needed 5 (at least two from JCs) 6 (at least two from JCs)
Regular Fleet Work
Evaluation by CO
Examples of Leadership

Promotion Procedure

So you have made it this far through the manual and you are starting to wonder how this whole procedure works.

This is in essence very simple as we use the same procedure for ALL promotions within United Federation Starfleet.

The decision regarding a promotion rests with the UFS Promotion Board

Procedure for Promotions

  • The Member will submit a recommendation via the Promotions Form
  • The Promotions Board will check to see if minimum criteria has been met.
  • The Promotions Board will contact the nominees CO for further information.
  • If the Nominee has a position at fleet level the Promotions Board will contact the fleet level CO for any further information.
  • The Promotions Board will make the decision based on the Case File and recommendation.

If the recommendations presented do not present an extensive explanation, with examples and evidence as to why the Nominee should be granted a promotion, then it’s possible the promotion gets denied even though they have been very active.


What happens after the Promotions Board has made their decision?

After the Promotions Board has made their decision, the Director of Promotions & Awards will inform the Nominator of the outcome of the request.

In case of a negative outcome, the Director of Promotions & Awards will inform the Nominator as to why the promotion was denied.

The Director Promotions & Awards will NEVER contact the nominee with the negative outcome of the promotion request..

In case of a positive outcome and the promotion is granted, the Director of Promotions & Awards will add the Nominee to the Promotions and Awards listing for that month and prepare the Promotion Certificate. The Promotion Certificate is then sent by email to the newly promoted member.

The Director Promotions & Awards will also make sure that all information is updated on both the WIKI Service Jacket.

All Promotion requests are submitted using the Promotions and Awards Form

Form - | P&A Form

ANY and ALL questions regarding promotions can be directed to

Example Recommendation

What HELPS in a recommendation:

  • Academy Development Programs
  • Working with a Joint Chief Office
  • Writing articles for UFS Publications
  • Working with Operations on Activities
  • Helping with the Academy
  • Greeter Duty
  • etc etc

What we DO NOT look for in recommendations:

  • Personal Feelings
  • Family or friendship ties
  • What they have done since they joined UFS
  • How you feel about them

The basis for a promotion is the recommendation that is written for it, a weak recommendation will be denied whereas a strong one may be more likely to be approved. If you truly feel a member has earned the promotion you wish to nominate them for, take the time to write a good, thorough recommendation highlighting what they have done for UF Starfleet since their last promotion.

The quality of the recommendation is highly important but also so is quantity. If there is more than one person who also agrees this member deserves promotion, they should submit a recommendation as well.

For example, if you are a Ship Commander, then talk to other people who the member also works with, such as if they are an instructor, have the Academy submit a recommendation as well; if they work on a sector and or fleet level, the Sector Commander and Joint Chief can also submit a recommendation.

When you make a recommendation, please refrain from using “I think the promotion is well deserved”....that's the job of the Promotions Board to determine....not yours.

When writing the recommendations, the promotion boards require just hard cold facts. We need as much information as to what this person has done for UFS since their last promotion, not the entire career or only the last few weeks. We also do not need to know about being a long-time member or any other emotional response on your part, quotes from roleplays are also deemed non essential information. Also remember that the higher one goes in rank, the more UFS Command expects from individuals to grant a promotion.

What we look for in a recommendation is proof that the member in question has been active since their last promotion and has shown consistency in doing so. Practically this means that a member who has been active since their last promotion will be promoted more easily than a member who has only shown activity the last few months , even though this member might have done a lot more work in those few months then the previous member in the whole time.

Good Example


I am Jack Fleetmen, Joe Fleetdude’s Commanding Officer, and I am submitting him for promotion to the rank of Captain. Joe has spent the last nine months since his promotion to commander working hard to help make UFS a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

With the exception of illness or conflicting activity, he has never missed a chapter meeting. At these meetings he is highly active, vocal, and helps us think of new ways to have fun. For example: four months ago, we started a writing contest focused on Science Fiction. Each month we select a member at random, by hat drawing, and they will select a top and then receive the submissions and choose a winner. The writings can be fan fiction or essays but must be at least two pages in length and no more than four. He also helped organize a reading club. Once every four months, the club selects a book, reads it, and they have a meeting to discuss it. Our reading of Star Trek Vanguard was a great experience as every member joined after we got a review of Harbinger, everyone got excited and got in.

He was appointed to the Sector Commander’s staff and helped develop and publish the newsletter. The Sector Commander has informed me she is also submitting a recommendation about his activities in her office.

Joe has also helped create the school of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, wrote 7 of the current classes, and is the instructor and School Director for every class. Since his last promotion he was awarded with the Superintendent’s Award for his activities in UF Starfleet Academy.

Joe is also assigned to the Personnel Division and is the Orientation Officer for our sector. He has been highly active with new members and several of his procedures have been adopted to improve the Midshipmen Program as a whole. The Director of Personnel told me he is going to submit a promotion recommendation with more details of Joe’s activities in Personnel.

I hope I have shown sufficient cause for Joe earning this promotion and that the other recommendations will also show he has served UF Starfleet with distinction and earned his promotion to Captain.

Bad Example

Joe Fleetdude has been a good member of the crew, they accepted me into their family and has been a good father to his prim children and a great brother to me. In the past month he took a new job on the ship and is great at it. He asked me to put this in as he feels he is ready for the next rank. He should get a promotion.


Joe's TIG is up and they deserve it

Important Note: Several people can submit the SAME Nomination if they all agree with it, they do not need to each write one.


An appeal for a promotion denied to a member by the UF Starfleet Promotions Board must be submitted to the Director of UF Starfleet Awards and Promotions within two weeks of being informed that the promotion was denied.The nominator will be made aware of why their submission was denied, and in that appeal, they must counter with proof or argument that the reason for denial was not valid.

Basically what this means is that most likely we ask you to simply provide more evidence of what the member in question has done since their last promotion.

Meritorious promotions that are denied can not be appealed.

All appeals must be submitted through email to

Posthumous Promotions

Posthumous promotions are promotions granted posthumously. These promotions are only granted when there is absolute certainty of the deceased (in real world).

Meritorious Promotions

A meritorious promotion may be given at any time by the Commander-in-Chief. A meritorious promotion is considered any promotion given outside Time in Grade and based on activities of members going more than above and beyond their duty.

Transfer of Rank - Enlisted to Commissioned

If a member wishes to move career track then the following steps must be taken.

The member emails with the request stating Name, Rank, SSC and reason for transfer.

The Promotions Director will then look into the case and decide what steps need to be taken.

After the case has been assessed the following ranks will apply

  • E-1 to E4 - Promoted to Ensign/2nd Lieutenant
  • E5 - E7 - Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)/1st Lieutenant
  • E8 - E10 - Promoted to Lieutenant/Marine Captain

In order for these ranks to become effective the candidate must have completed all academy requirements for graduation to an officer.

Reduction of Rank

Should a member resign or is removed as per the Membership Manual, upon return and completing the objectives established, then the maximum rank that can be awarded is that of Lieutenant/Marine Captain or Crewman 1st Class/Corporal.

Alts and P&A

While Alternative Accounts (Alts) are allowed in United Federation Starfleet (UFS), they are to be kept from utilizing the same ships and stations as any other alt accounts held by the same individual. In addition they are not eligible to recommend any other of their alternate personas for promotions or awards. Doing so is seen as a breach of ethics and protocol and could result in the loss of those awards, the loss of rank, or potentially the expulsion from UFS.


Ethics and perception of ethics are of the utmost importance. What this means is that you have to be aware of how things appear to others when you do them. For this reason, those who are in relationships with other members of UFS that are romantic or child/parent in nature should avoid putting those individuals in their immediate sphere of influence forward for promotions or awards. This includes instances when the relationship bonds occur OUTSIDE of virtual platforms like Second Life and 3rd Rock, in the real world. If, for some reason, a member feels that the person they are in a relationship with is not receiving their due awards or promotions, they should contact the Director of Promotions and Awards.