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General Data
*Home System: [Relos
*Home Planet: Relos IV
*First Contact: Nausicaans: Earth year 1984; Federation: Stardate 6125.0 (August 22, 2267)
*First Contact By: USS Saratoga (NCC 1720, Constitution class)
*Faction: Federation
*Government: Republic
*Violence: Pacifist
*Primary Language: Relosian, Federation Common
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Kin'Li
*Scientific Family: Humanoid (small)
*Scientific Order: Mammalia
*Skin: Humanoid; green markings
*Hair: Humanoid hues
*Eyes: Humanoid hues
*Auditive: Pointed humanoid ears, humanoid vocal system
*Emphatic: Yes (see notes)
*Telepatic: Yes (see notes)
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: Standard humanoid bimodal (male/female)
Other Information


Kin'Li are one of two native species on Relos IV. About 400 years ago, they were a low-tech, agrarian, pre-warp society. First contact was made by the Nausiccaans, who had no compunctions against using the planet's resources and people. And so the Kin'Li, as well as the other sentient species on Relos IV, the Gul-Ku-Ren, were dragged into the modern age. The first Starfleet science team to encounter the Kin'Li dubbed them the "Hobbits of Relos" because of their passing similarity to characters of that name in an old Earth bedtime story. Much like their fictitious namesakes, though, they are a mostly low-tech, agrarian society.

Appearance & physiology

Kin'Li are diminutive humanoids. Heights of adult Kin'Li vary from 1 - 1.2 meters. Average adult female height is 1.08 meters; average male height is 1.15 meters. Average mass is approximately 20 (44 pounds) kg for females, and 24 kg (53 pounds) for males. Their proportions are similar to humans, so their skulls are very small. Their small mass leaves them more susceptible than larger species to the effects of radiation exposure. Their skeletons, though seemingly delicate, are dense and resilient. Kin'Li skin is colored similarly to human skin, and some have even been known to have freckles; they also have green spots that may appear on their torso, neck, arms and legs, with each Kin'Li's pattern unique. Their ears are pointed. Kin'Li feet are large in proportion to the rest of their bodies, resulting in very soft footfall.

Despite their small skulls, Kin'Li tend to be highly intelligent. They have a marked empathy or telepathy with a native animal species called the Relosian Fangbeast (or Relosian Razorbeast), which they keep and utilize in a similar way that humans utilized cows in pre-warp times (in fact, Kin'Li simply call them "cows"). It is surmised that some Kin'Li may be in some way telepathic with each other and with other species, similar to Vulcans (but unlike Betazoids): though the bond with the Razorbeasts seems to occur at a distance, telepathic contact with any other species (including amongst themselves) tends to happen only when there is physical contact.

Natural Kin'Li lifespan can be up to 140 Earth years; with modern medicine, this can be greatly expanded. Some internal organs are unique to Kin'Li, and are not well understood. The spots may have a sensory function, but this has not yet been well characterized. They may also have as-yet unobserved natural defenses.


Until contact with the Nausicaans, the Kin'Li were a primitive agrarian species. Even today, there are places on Relos IV (notably Westglen Province) where Kin'Li still live on pre-electricity subsistence farms. They had a sometimes difficult coexistence with the other sentient species of Relos IV, the Gul-Ku-Ren. The Gul-Ku-Ren are much larger (3-4 meters tall), and warlike. Most contact between the species prior to discovery by the Nausicaans consisted of wars and raids, usually undertaken by the Gul-Ku-Ren. This natural enmity mostly vanished after contact with the Nausicaans, but sometimes can appear in subtle ways.

Nausicaans made first contact with the people of Relos IV in Earth Year 1984. Since then, they have been a client planet of the Nausicaan Hegemony. The Nausicaans introduced modern technology to the Relosians; today, the Kin'Li tend to be the scientists and engineers, while the Gul-Ku-Ren are the warriors.

Relosians have attempted several uprisings against the Nausicaans over the last 300 years. The uprising began in 2409 with the Proclamation of Khoon. Though the rebellion was at first crushed, and the early leaders all sent to Nausicaa for execution, in 2412 the Relosians succeeded in gaining their independence. They have petitioned to join the United Federation of Planets.


Kin'Li are a deeply spiritual people. The Kin'Li religion identifies two deities: the Maker and the Unmaker. According to Kin'Li theology, these two deities are constantly in conflict, the one building, the other destroying. During Spring and Summer (months of growth), the Maker is dominant; during Fall and Winter months, the Unmaker is dominant. Kin'Li see the universe as being in balance between the two deities or principal forces. However, they fall on the side of the Maker, seeing their place in the cosmos as those who "Make:" build, create, maintain, heal, repair. They view destruction, which they refer to as "Unmaking," as an evil, though sometimes as a necessary one.

A Kin'Li will be reticent to kill others unless in preservation of life, as well as unwilling to destroy something unless it poses a threat to others, or to build something in its place. Farming, which involves the creating of living things, be they animals or plants, is approached with reverence, even regarded as holy. Likewise, marriage and family (the "Making" of more Kin'Li life) are regarded as holy acts. For this reason, farmers occupy a special place in Kin'Li culture, and entire regions still maintain pre-electricity subsistence farming as a way of life.

Kin'Li farms are extremely hazardous places to be for non-Kin'Li. Their cows (Relosian Fangbeasts) are highly territorial, stand two meters tall at the shoulder, are highly aggressive, and have deadly natural weapons such as claws, razor spines, and long sharp teeth. They seem to regard their Kin'Li keepers are part of their territory, and will attack any non-Kin'Li who comes close to the farm, regardless of a visitor's intentions. It is surmised that this symbiosis is a part of the evolved Kin'Li survival strategy against the Gul-Ku-Ren.


The level of technology on Relos IV varies considerably with location on the planet. The big cities Kelluet and Terat enjoy technology on par with Nausicaa. Likewise, provinces such as Ventuen, Kerile and Ayapeliat enjoy a similar level of technology. However, there are provinces (often Kin'Li populated), such as Westglen, which are still largely pre-electricity, existing at a level of technology similar to 15th-19th century Europe.


Both Relosian species want to join the Federation. As a first step toward that goal, a Kin'Li attended Starfleet Academy as an unaffiliated race, and after graduation was commissioned as a Starfleet officer. That Kin'Li still serves with distinction. If admittance is denied, Relos IV is likely to be reconquered by the Nausicaans.


Written by Nora Gerhadsen; uploaded 140313