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Between the stars
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP13
*Initiated: 121118
*Ended: 121118
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Home, Sweet Home
*Next Mission: Beneath the Ice
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

Protector missiondb.png

Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

USS Protector

Stardate: 121118

Current Location: Sector 010E, Deep Space Station 42

Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate 121118,

We were cruising in the Sector 010E when we noticed that DS42, a station orbiting the planet E042A, wasn't responding to our hails. We've set course to the station to investigate and docked in it's bay then beamed inside. We noticed how much damaged was the inside, almost as it someone ruined it on purpose. Upon further investigation, the logs of the station clearly indicated that it had been contaminated with the PSI-2000 virus, which evolved again and is now spreading directly across the air. We were all contaminated... We got back to the ship in hopes to find a cure, but unfortunatly the effects of the virus already appeared and we all lost our minds, except Lt Commander Zeppitay which is immune. She managed to find a cure extrapolating the data from the USS Enterprise's encounter with the virus, then spreading the treatment across the ship's air vents. No casualties were to report. We then got across fragments of the Commanding officer of the station which indicated that the remaining survivors were evacuated to E042A's moon. I ordered full impulse to beaming range so we could help the survivors and provide them with a cure.


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Miu Zeppitay
  • Luci Himmel
  • Colin Nemeth
  • Sisko Aries
  • Reiko Datura

End Report