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Branch/Division motto/slogan.
Life Sciences
General Data
Branch: UF Starfleet Science
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2379
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector
Homebase: UF Starfleet Command Headquarters
Division Staff
Division Head: Sofrosta Fleury
Vice Division Head: n/a
Vice Division Head: n/a
Yeoman: none
Division Structure
Department of Botany


The Life Sciences department studies the sciences of life and of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution.


The Division itself is divided into 4 Departments.

Divisional Staff

Life Sciences
Director of UF Starfleet Life Sciences C-o4.png Sofrosta Fleury
Deputy Director of UF Starfleet Life Sciences C-blank.png Vacant


Life Science Research Projects

1. Animal farm: a nice place for students to relax from the stressful work at the Academy and to study the animals of Ancient Earth.

2. Gregogr: what was the original dwelling of the Green Goblin Grill, the little green monster that lived in the Holodeck?

3. Spider in PRF: luckily it was caught, but how did she survive and escape the detectors and where did she come from?

4. Planet Random: research on a planet that can only be reached by traveling via a Stargate, a special project for all that hate going by TP.

5. Biome: field trips to find artificial ecosytems that after a while were able to really stand on their own; can we feel the difference?

6. Cazalet Moon: discover the secret of this strange moon of our home planet Pinastri. Why was it abandoned, and what has the strange sounds to do with it?

7. Plant competition: for everybody in UFS to join. Make a beautiful plant by designing and genetic engineering. Show your abilities in the lab. With real awards to win.

8. Operation Space Debris: also for everybody in UFS. Clean up the space around Pinastry, remove all the waste and do research on the findings. Who left it there?

9. Natural Habitats: To find planets that have natural habitats like those of old Earth; a project for a secret customer.