Lost & Retrieval

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Lost & Retrieval
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP08
*Initiated: 120916
*Ended: 120916
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Lost Souls (Part 2)
*Next Mission: Captured
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

USS Protector

Stardate: 120916

Current Location: En Route to SS Tranquility

Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate 120916,

As 15 of our crew returned from shore leave on the planet Tanelorn, pirates who just de-cloacked attacked 2 of the runabouts, and left 1 for dead, floating in space. We dispatched a shuttle to retrieve their crew and craft. Successfully! We managed to dock back at the ship just before being attacked by the pirates. As our ship was hit, debris fell on me and I woke up, minutes later in sickbay. I then ordered everyone for a report...


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Luci Himmel
  • Lady Stillwater
  • Colin Nemeth
  • Sisko Resident

End Report