Maintenance Technician

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Description: An engineer under the Starfighter Command branch, Research and Maintenance division, Maintenance department who specialises in general fighter and shuttlecraft systems. These technicians often develop and unofficial specialisation in a specific system – those who develop a specialisation in Engines become Flight Technicians.

People holding this billet do not build or script anything. This is a roleplay billet only.


  • Perform maintenance on all fighter craft and other support craft systems.
  • Conduct fast and efficient repairs and upgrades to all fighter craft and shuttlecraft as required.
  • Assist the Flight Research department in designing and testing new technologies or upgrades for Fighter systems.
  • Assist the Air Group in a support capacity, deployed as both a Combat Pilot (restricted from holding any positions within the Air Group division) and a Flight Technician.
  • Submit a log on all activities undertaken over the past week to the Maintenance Department Director at the end of each week.
  • Other duties, as assigned by the Maintenance Department Director.


Academic (Mandatory Classes)

For Maintenance Technician:

For Combat Pilot:

Academic (Suggested Classes)

For Maintenance Technician:

For Combat Pilot:

Minimum Rank 2nd Lieutenant or Airman Basic