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  • Lieutenant Taylorholic Durant

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Ultima revision: 071207

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  • Todos los miembros y futuros miembros de UF Starfleet.

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Carta del Almirante

De la Mesa del Comandante, UF Starfleet


¡Es con alegría que Yo y todos los miembros de United Federation Starfleet, te acogen con satisfacción a Starfleet Sector001! ¡Esperamos que disfrutes de tu visita y que nos ensambles quizá! Somos un grupo en crecimiento constante y estamos buscando siempre a gente brillante y motivada que quiere divertirse con nosotros y vivir el sueño de Star Trek. ¡Promovemos tolerancia y la paz entre toda la especie estonces aqui no hay preconceptos! United Federation Starfleet es cuál es hoy gracias a la gente que lo hace, y el esmero de nuestros miembros es algo extraordinario, no importa qué las especies ellas pertenecen!

¡Si ésta es tu primera vez en Sector001, gracias por tu visita! ¡Esperamos nos visites otra vez pronto… si esta no es tu primera vez, es grande ver que te volviste para más!

Una cosa que siempre digo a nuestros miembros es: 'Qué haces de tu experiencia a United Federation Starfleet se incumbe todo a ti. Si eres contento con apenas ser un miembro, está muy bien. Pero si participas activamente dentro del grupo tu experiencia a UFS será muy recompensadora. Incumbe toda a ti.'

¡Bienvenido a familia United Federation Starfleet!

Almirante Mike Calhoun<br\> Comandante, UF Starfleet

Quien somos y lo que haciemos

United Federation Starfleet es un grupo de fans de Star Trek, viniendo de diversas partes del mundo y de las diversas clases sociales, que decidían a recolectar juntos en SECOND LIFE, en un intento por reconstruir la experiencia de Star Trek diariamente.

Requisitos de ensamblar a UF Starfleet

In order to have your application accepted, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 1 month old on SECOND LIFE, from the date of your application is submitted, with the exception of:
    • You are a member of STARFLEET (SFI), and this information is confirmed according to SFI's database, OR
    • You have "Payment Info Used" or "Payment Info On File" on your SECOND LIFE account.
  • Your application needs to be COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY filled out. Incomplete or improperly filled out applications WILL BE DENIED.
  • You are NOT part of any group founded by a person who has been banned in SECOND LIFE, from a sim and/or group for GRIEFING. This rule is set in an attempt to keep our environment free of any type of conflicts, being social or work-related.

Once your application is accepted, you will be required to take and pass courses at United Federation Starfleet Academy to further indoctrinate you into what United Federation Starfleet is, our rules and regulations as well as at least one course in the department that you wish assignment to.

Only upon completion of these requirements, you will be offered membership in United Federation Starfleet, issued a uniform and assigned to your department of choice.To ensure that you are enjoying the best Star Trek Experience that United Federation Starfleet can bring you, we encourage a minimum of interest, commitment and effort from our entry-level members in completing the required Academy training, which will take a minimum of 4 weeks. Keep that in mind when submitting your application. Once graduated, United Federation Starfleet Academy offers a wide and ever growing curriculum of classes and fields of study. By completing all of the coursework for a given College you can attain a degree in that field of study!

Division Structure


Headed by the Commander and Vice-Commander, UF Starfleet. Members in this Division are responsible for the administration and background of the group, they work hard so you can play hard. Recruiting and Retention, Promotions, Asset & Finance Management, Diplomatic Corps, Charity and Special Events, Public Relations & Marketing are the departments in this Division. Joining this Division is upon invitation only.


Headed by the Head of Communications, UF Starfleet, is responsible for the issuing of press releases, announcements, the UF Starfleet newsletter and maintaining a RL Web Presence of the group. The Head of Communications will report directly to the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Head of Engineering, UF Starfleet, is composed by the builders/creators of the group, responsible for building and maintaining all structures, craft, weaponry, etc. within the group. Research and Development, Advanced Starship Design Bureau and Weapons Research are just a few of the departments under this division. The Head of Engineering will report directly to the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Commandant of the UF Starfleet Marine Corps, is considered a subgroup of United Federation Starfleet. Personnel who desire to join the Marines are still required to meet the same requirements and follow the same rules as any other member of United Federation Starfleet in addition to the rules and requirements of the Marines. Members who elect to pursue this avenue will still be required to complete the basic entry courses through the United Federation Starfleet Academy prior to being added to the Marine group. The Commandant of UF Starfleet Marine Corps will report directly to the Vice-Commander, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Head of Medical, UF Starfleet, is responsible for the physical and mental well being of all members within the group. Xenoanatomy and Emergency Medical Services are a few of the departments under this division. The Head of Medical will report directly to the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet, this division is in charge of the day to day operations of the sim. This includes, personnel, Supplies & Logistics and so on.

One of the major Branches under Operations is Tactical Operations that is responsible for coordinating and Game Mastering (GM'ing) all UF Starfleet Role Playing Events.Members joining this division can utilize RP "ships" that have been allowed for our use for these events. Being of quick mind and wit, having improvisational skills and a well-versed knowledge of Trek and running Role Playing Games is required in this branch. The Head of Operations will report directly to the Vice-Commander, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Head of Science, UF Starfleet, is responsible for handling all scientific endeavors within United Federation Starfleet. Geology, Archeology, Astronomy and Chemisty are a few of the departments under this division. The Head of Science will report directly to the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet.


Headed by the Head of Security, UF Starfleet, is responsible for maintaining the overall security of all UF Starfleet Areas, enforcing rules and regulations within the sim, including the authority to ban griefers and troublemakers from any and all UF Starfleet Areas as well as writing incident reports of any and all incidents. The Head of Security will report directly to the Head of Operations, UF Starfleet.

Special Operations

Headed by the Head of Special Ops, UF Starfleet, works with all United Federation Starfleet personnel that are also members of SFI. In these instances, United Federation Starfleet SFI personnel will be under the Special Operations Division until such a time as they are accepted into another department, after graduating from UF Starfleet Academy. Also includes the Officer of the Deck and the Awards programs. Special Operations performs other duties as directed or needed. The Head of Special Operations will report directly to the Commander, UF Starfleet.

UF Starfleet Academy

Headed by the Commandant, UF Starfleet Academy, is the primary training facility for United Federation Starfleet. Prospective officers apply to the academy and are required to complete specialized coursework and Simulator training. Once graduated from the Academy they are eligible to be commissioned officers of United Federation Starfleet. Officers joining this division will become Professors and will be working towards the intellectual development of our officers and cadets. The UF Starfleet Commandant will report directly to the Vice-Commander, UF Starfleet.

Uniform, Equipment & Time lines

We use technology and customized uniforms based on the the First Contact / Insurrection / Nemesis / Post-Nemesis time line. Upon the completion of your UF Starfleet Academy Periods, an uniform will be issued to you according with your Division of choice, consistent with this era. The use of other uniforms from different eras are also allowed as long as it consists with your Division of choice and current rank.

  • Command - Uniform colors are Gold (TOS), White (Movie Era) or Red (TNG, DS9, VOY)
  • Communications - Uniform Colors are Red (TOS), Gold (Movie Era, TNG, DS9, VOY)
  • Engineering - Uniform Colors are Red (TOS), Gold (Movie Era, TNG, DS9, VOY)
  • Marines - Uniform Colors are Green (TNG,DS9,VOY)
  • Medical - Uniform Colors are Blue (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY) and Light Green (Movie Era)
  • Security - Uniform Colors are Red (TOS), Gray (Movie Era) and Gold (TNG, DS9, VOY)
  • Sciences - Uniform Colors are Blue (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY) and Light Green (Movie Era)
  • Operations - Uniform Colors are Red (TOS), Gold (Movie Era, TNG, DS9, VOY)
  • Tactical/Strategic Operations - Uniform Colors are Gold (TOS), White (Movie Era) and Red (TNG, DS9,VOY)
  • UF Starfleet Academy - Uniform colors are Gold (TOS), White (Movie Era) or Red (TNG, DS9, VOY)

Career Advancement

Upon graduation from the United Federation Starfleet Academy, the newly-commissioned officer will be then choosing their career path:

  • Assignment aboard of a starship : you will be stationed aboard one of our fine ships
  • Assignment to UF Starfleet Headquarters (aboard Tranquility Station, UF Starfleet Academy or even at the Welcome Center as a greeter/tourguide)
  • Promotions: the rules for the career advancement through promotions will be covered in another document you will receive upon your graduation from the Academy.

Officers are to be assigned to ONE Division only but acting like a liason for projects along other divisions is allowed and welcome.

Fleet Rank Structure


  • Crewman Recruit (CR)
  • Crewman (CM)
  • Crewman 1st Class (C1)
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2)
  • Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)
  • Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

Junior Officers

  • Ensign (ENS)
  • Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (LT.(JG) )
  • Lieutenant (LT.)

Senior Officers

  • Lieutenant Commander (LTCMDR)
  • Commander (CMDR)
  • Captain (CAPT)
  • Fleet Captain (FCAPT)

Flag Officers

  • Commodore (COMM)
  • Rear Admiral (RADM)
  • Vice Admiral (VADM)
  • Admiral (ADM)

Marine Rank Structure


  • Private (PVT)
  • Private First Class (PFC)
  • Lance Corporal (LCPL)
  • Corporal (CPL)
  • Sergeant (SGT)
  • Staff Sergeant (SSGT)
  • Gunnery Sergeant (GSGT)
  • First Sergeant (1SGT)
  • Sergeant Major (SGT MAJ)

Junior Officers

  • 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
  • 1st Lieutenant (1LT)
  • Marine Captain (MCAPT)

Senior Officers

  • Major (MAJ)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LCOL)
  • Colonel (COL)
  • Brigadier (BDR)

General Officers

  • Brigadier General (BGEN)
  • Major General (MGEN)
  • Lieutenant General (LGEN)
  • General (GEN)

UF Starfleet Chain of Command

The chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility which orders are passed along within a military or paramilitary unit and between different units. Orders are transmitted down the chain of command, from a higher-ranked levels, such as a commissioned officer, to lower-ranked personnel who either carry out the order personally or transmit it down the chain as appropriate, until it is received by those expected to carry it out.

United Federation Starfleet's Chain of Command is as follows:

  1. Commander, UF Starfleet
  2. Vice-Commander, UF Starfleet
  3. Head of UF Starfleet Operations
  4. Division Head
  5. Vice Division Head

If in any circumstances, the Commander, UF Starfleet is absent and/or unable to perform his duties, the Chain of Ccommand above will come into effect.

The Inspector General

The Inspector General, UF Starfleet is considered part of the Senior Command Staff and reports directly to the Commander, UF Starfleet or to the Vice Commander, UF Starfleet should the Commander be absent in situations of an emergency nature, having equal authority as that of the Commander and Vice Commander, UF Starfleet in regards to administrative management of Sector001 and/or any future sectors that may come under the authority of the Commander or Vice Commander.

The job of the Inspector General,UF Starfleet comprises in:

  • Conducting any investigation(s) relating to allegations against any member and/or guest pertaining to misconduct UF Starfleet and UF Starfleet Marine Corps., policy, procedures and guidelines (As may be amended from time to time).
  • Mediating any issues between members of the groups as well as acting as a counselor in giving of advice and recommendations to the Commander and Vice Commander,UF Starfleet and the senior staff in matters of policy, procedures and personnel actions, always remaining totally IMPARTIAL and NEUTRAL in all manner of situations in which the office of the Inspector General may become involved with.
  • Maintaining a means of communication by which any member of UF Starfleet or any sub groups and/or official affiliations may voice concerns or complaints in complete confidentiality without fear of persecution or reprisal., keeping each claim confidential at all times.

Group and SIM Rules

The following rules apply while in sim (Sector001) and sometimes other areas. Failure to comply to these rules can vary from a verbal reprimand to removal from UF Starfleet and a complaint filed with Linden Labs.

  1. No Griefing. This rule is applicable to any member at any time you are wearing your UF Starfleet uniform at any SL sim or location. You are our representative in those situations and we hope you act like an officer should.
  2. Decorum: appropriate behavior, speech, dress codes observed as follows
    • Behavior: politess and courtesy towards other individuals, including visitors and potential new members.
    • Dress code: UF Starfleet uniforms, including UF Starfleet Academy Cadets. When out of uniforms minimum attire for males is shorts; for females, bikinis
    • Speech: no foul language
  3. Guns/Weapons: must remain holstered and secured at all times unless actively participating in a sim in the RP Area or at Weapons Range.
  4. No Cheating: during group events, gadgets used for shielding,flying,teleporting are not allowed
  5. No Trespassing : entering occupied housing units around the sim without the presence of the renter or a member of the sim administration is not allowed and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  6. No Eavesdropping : The use of such devices as well as recording devices are not allowed and action will be taken against its owner, unless the use has been authorized by Admiralty.
  7. Air/Spacecraft Manuevering : responsible maneuvering of any craft is recommended AT ALL times. Consult the owner's manual for your craft previous to using it in order to prevent unecessary collisions.
  8. No Littering : Personal objects should be taken back to your inventory when not in use. Objects being used by the group should be deeded to the administration of the land group (see Engineering for details).High prim objects should be authorized by Admiraly before their use. Offices assigned to designated Personnel should keep their prim count to a minumum.
  9. Comply with the posted Sandbox Rules.
  10. Comply with the Officers Code of Conduct at any time you are wearing an UF Starfleet or representing the group. A copy of this can be found in the folder you got this handbook from.

Flip Titles

Fliptitles shall be worn by all members to indicate rank and position as well as be the appropriate department color.

Examples: An Ensign assigned to Security will wear a yellow Fliptitle that says:

  • Ensign | Security

A Lieutenant JG who is the Vice Head in Science will wear a blue flip title that says:

  • LTJG | Vice Head of Science

Contact your individual Division Head for further details.


We hope you enjoy spending your time with us around Sector001 living the Star Trek dream.

Welcome to United Federation Starfleet!