Marine Enlisted Duty Uniform

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Marine Enlisted Duty Uniform.png
Marine Enlisted Duty Uniform

This is normally considered the third highest level uniform for purposes of Uniform of the Day planning.

Occasions for Wear

  • On duty, as prescribed by local commanders.
  • On other appropriate occasions, as desired.


The Marine Enlisted Duty Uniform is comprised of the Duty Jacket and Undershirt, the Duty Trousers, the Duty Belt, and accessories as authorized below.

Jacket, Duty

The jacket is the standard Odyssey Starfleet issue top. It is Dark Grey with dark green shoulders. The departmental color stripe running across the chest and upper arms is Black. The trim on the Jacket is Metallic Black for all Enlisted Personnel. The jacket is worn tucked into the waistband.

Undershirt, Duty

Under the jacket is worn a Black Undershirt with a high collar.

Trousers, Duty

Duty Trousers are Dark Grey in color, low waist, straight legged. The trousers are worn un-bloused and over the top of the boots.

Belt, Duty

The Duty Belt is a Dark Green Web or Leather Belt with a black and silver United Federation of Starfleet Belt buckle.


There is no headgear authorized for wear with the Duty Uniform.


Boots or dress shoes may be worn with the Officer Duty Uniform.

Insignia & accouterments

Only the following items are authorized for wear with the Duty Uniform.

  • Insignia of grade - Worn on the right collar of the Duty Jacket.
  • Combadge - Worn in the usual place on the left chest.
  • Sidearm - Marines stationed on Guard Duty are authorized to have the M-45 Marine Assault Pistol as a sidearm.