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Medical Equipment (by name A-Z)

Below you will find an alphabetical list of Starfleet medical equipment. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, it outlines the functions of the most commonly utilised items in a Starfleet sickbay/infirmary.

Alpha-Wave Inducer

Induces variable levels of unconsciousness, from sleep to complete anaesthesia.

Anti-gravity Stretcher

A stretcher that hovers slightly above the ground thus allowing a patient to be moved very easily. It is simple to use and can be operated by a single officer.


Closes open wounds by bridging the tissues with a fine artificial fibre.


Used to monitor vital functions in patients. They are the standard diagnostic equipment in every Sickbay/Infirmary, used for examinations, surgeries and other medical procedures.

Bi-spectral Monitor

Used to assess a patient’s level of consciousness.


Used to resuscitate a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest.

Cortical Stimulator

Used to stimulate central nervous system function in unconscious or comatose patients.

Dermal Regenerator

Stimulates the healing of damaged organic tissues.

Electron Resonance Scanner

Used to examine DNA strands; it’s resolution can be changed so that it is clear enough to examine even base pair sequences.

Electrophoretic Dialysis Unit

Used to remove nanoprobes from a previously Borg-enhanced patient.

The Greenfield Filter

A device, surgically placed in a central vein, used to trap blood clots before they can cause damage in the heart, lungs or brain.


For administering medication by way of a powerful air jet that can penetrate the skin and some items of clothing.

Infusion Unit

Dispenses fluids and medications intravenously.

Isotropic Restraint

A forcefield that shapes itself to the body of a patient in order to hold them completely immobile on a biobed.

Medical Tricorder


A device which runs a diagnostic scan of the patient and feeds back information through a hand held visual display so that a diagnosis can be made.

Neural Imaging Scanner

Provides detailed information about a patient’s central nervous system function.

Neural stimulator

An instrument used to “jumpstart” neural activity in the central nervous system, which is equivalent to the cardio version for the CNS.


For emergency stabilization of patients with brain stem injuries.

Osteogenic Stimulator

Stimulates healing of broken or damaged bones.

Quarantine Field

A modified forcefield which isolates a patient or object from the surrounding environment. Most commonly used to isolate patients with infectious diseases to prevent it spreading to other members of the crew.

T-Cell Stimulator

A device used to boost the natural immune response of a patient.