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General Data
*Class: M
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Pinastri Sector Alternate Dimension
*Star System: Pinastri
*Species of Note:Melonian
*Faction Affiliation: None

Planet Details

  • Stardate of discovery: 110119
  • Diameter: 12,956 km at Equator
  • Volume : 1.08 x 1012 km3
  • Surface Area: 510,072,000 square kilometers
  • 30% Land Mass, 70% Water
  • Mass 5.97 x 1024 kg
  • Atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 1% Unknown Gas

Melona was discovered by the USS Aviator-A on 110119 after being pulled into an inter-dimensional rift caused by an experiment 20 years in the past. The crew of the Aviator discovered that the planet was inhabited by a race know as Melonian. See First contact information for details of Melonian. The planet has a natural block to transport beams, communications and scans.The Aviator-A crew had to use shuttles in order to get to the surface to explore it.

Overall Melona has earth like properties, nearly the same in size and atmosphere.

End of of Data

LtCmdr. Markus Tyrellium Commanding Officer, USS Aviator NCC75101-A Stardate: 110301