Meteor Cargo

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Meteor Cargo
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP41
*Initiated: 131013
*Ended: 131013
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: The Way to Life
*Next Mission: Holo-Death
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet Mission Report USS Protector Stardate: 131013


Current Location: Asteroid Field, nearby Valdorn Wreckage

Captain's Log, Stardate 131013,

The Protector had received a distress call from a Valdorn ship who was caught in a meteor shower and critically damaged. Nemek'r Terra, the first officer of the vessel explained that heir captain was in their main engineering to help but was killed by an explosion which crippled even more the ship she also told us that they were carrying a very important cargo: a large amount of bio-data that came from extinct lifeforms of their Home World. We offered our help and beamed aboard the ship to retrieve the cases containing the data. We managed to find the cases while the rest of the crew on the Protector deflected some asteroid that threatened to hit the Valdorn ship. We hurried to the transporter room and beamed back to the Protector with the cases. Meanwhile, the evacuation of the Valdorn ship was underway and all their crew had been retrieved onboard. We removed the Valdorn ship from the danger zone and left it for a tow-ship.


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Data Axel
  • Sisko Aries
  • HarryHeath Resident
  • Luci Himmel
  • Jimmbo Resident
  • Sponkey Redyard

End Report