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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP36
*Initiated: 130804
*Ended: 130804
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: Q's Games
*Next Mission: Burried Metal
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

USS Protector

Stardate: 130804


Security Report Log Stardate:130804 Report submitted by: harryheath resident Subject: USS Protector Mission Report

The Captain briefed us on the situation at hand:

"Engineering is doing some maintenance on the Warp Engines, we are cruising at full impulse away of Pinastri prime. We got a distress call from Pinastri VII's moon: Schell Which is 3 minutes away at warp 4 and minutes away at warp 3

Schell is one of two D Class Moons that orbit Pinastri VII

  • classification: Class D
  • distance from sun: 320000 km from Pinastri VII
  • diameter: 4000 km
  • gravity: 0.3
  • atmosphere: none
  • weather system: none
  • temp.: -200C to -100C
  • surface: barren landscape. much craters and mountains, layers of ice.
  • lifeforms: none
  • tech. level: none
  • specials: none

UFS has a disused outpost on the planet, scheduled for scrapping."

On the bridge, traveling at full impulse, Ensign Eiyo confirmed that the warp engines were almost ready to be activated again. There was some discomfort to the source of the distress call from myself and even Lieutenant Duranjaya, maybe this is a trap.

We arrived quite shortly after travelling at warp factor 4. Scans were not picking up any potential threats. The Captain asked myself and Cadet Warrior to investigate, to see if there were any potential threats for the rest of the crew. We beamed down and scouted the station. We were locked out. However we noticed the Runabout Shuttle crash landed on the surface. No lifeforms detected on the Station.

I gave the report back to the Ship. Shortly followed the away team beamed down. Ensing Eiyo managed to get the systems back online. We explored and saw the Danube Runabout class shuttle, Lieutenant Dyranjaya informed the Captain that whoever had sent the distress call was now pronounced dead. Life signs were nill compared to our own.

Suddenly, a red alert was emitted from the station. I ran back to the central control room to find out the source. Life Support was failing. Ensign Eiyo was trying fix this. The Engineering Officer suggested to use a transfer beam from the Protector to the station to provide it with stable power. This was approved by the Captain, but cautioned the Ensign not to fry the EPS. Eiyo beamed up to the Protector to stabilize the station.

Once that was done, myself and Cadet Warrior approached the shuttle by foot in our EVA Suits. We discovered that the Captain, of the Runabout USS California, Captain Mike Almodovar and his XO, Operations officer, Lt. James Vaulte were found dead within the ship. The Captain on the bridge and the Lt. in his bed. It appears the Lt. died from the crash landing and the Captain from the hull breach, through which we had entered.

We decided to find the cause of the crash. Cadet Warrior searched through the Ship's Logs. The last log recalled that the ship was fired upon, currently we do not know who, but I downloaded the ship's last data to my tricorder. The damage caused to the engines resulted in the crash emergency landing of the ship.

Suddenly, the tower, directly above the ship collapsed. We were trapped in. This was not the worse of it; my life support was minimal in my EVA suit. I had around 20 minutes left of oxygen. Ensign Eiyo came to save myself and Cadet Warrior, however, before he reached me I went unconscious…

The next thing I remember I was on the transporter pad in the control room with the Captain, Lt. Duranjaya and Ensign Scanlan. The station, in our absence had seemed to crumble. The whole structure was collapsing. At this point I was still nauseous from my lack of oxygen. My next question was: where was the Cadet and Ensign Eiyo? It seems they were waiting entry on the other side of the airlock. The Ensign was suffering from oxygen deficiency, hypothermia and frostbite. The Captain released the airlock, I was nearly sucked out but the airlock closed just in time.

The structure of the base continued to collapse and before I knew it the control room was the last thing in tact. Hearing creaking, Lt. Duranjaya was trying to bring power back for the teleportation to work. As it is my duty, I couldn't leave her alone whilst everyone beamed back up. The Captain agreed that he wasn't going anywhere until everyone was back on the Protector.

After a little dispute among us, we used the last of the generator's power to activate the teleporter, just in time. The structure decimated as we left. I then put Eiyo over my shoulder, back on the Protector and rushed him to Sickbay. He is in intensive care, although the doctors believe he will be fine.

I intend to find out who fired upon the USS California using the data I took from the ship. I just hope that Eiyo's courage for saving me, did not doom him.

End Report

Report submitted by: Ensign Surrok Heath Security Officer USS Protector

End Report