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Personnel Division
General Data
Branch: UF Starfleet Command
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2383
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
Homebase: Office of UFS Chief of Staff
Division Staff
Division Head: MelodyParis Resident
Vice Division Head: Vacant
Division Structure


The Office of Personnel serves as a vital aspect in the administration side of United Federation Starfleet organisation. It is a division under the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff and is responsible for maintaining a concise, complete and up to date biographical database of the UFS Member base as well as all Personnel-related matters. The work of Personnel is essential in keeping accurate records of activity, which UF Starfleet Command can use to determine levels of activity within the group, in both real life and the metaverses. Personnel currently work primarily on the UFS Database system which is due to serve as a integral part of his organisations management.

The Office of Personnel was created by Zed Drebin on stardate 080117 under the Operations Branch but was later moved to Command by Admiral Mike Calhoun on stardate 091101 where it has remained ever since. In 2388, Personnel underwent an overhaul introducing 5 new departments to cater for the ever adapting UFS member base and their needs. The departments cover the essential aspects of UFS administration including upkeep of member records on the Wiki, the Forum and the Database and Vacancies in UFS.

The Director of UF Starfleet Personnel along with the Deputy Director can both be contacted by emailing or alternatively you can contact them via the Forum or any other know means of communications. We will try to answer all questions, queries and concerns within a reasonable amount of time but be sure to check whether the information you require is not already available to you in one of the many Manuals or the FAQ section of the Wiki.


  • The Director UF Starfleet Office of Personnel Administration has the responsibility of overseeing Personnel work and it's staff on a regular basis, ensuring that all is as it should be. They report directly to the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff.
  • The Deputy Director of Personnel Administration works in conjunction with the Director of Personnel in overseeing the Division. In the event the Director is absent for whatever reason, the Deputy Director performs their duties in their absence. They report directly to the Director UF Starfleet Personnel.
  • The Personnel Officer routinely carries out the duties of the department they are assigned to. They report directly to the Director and Deputy Director of UF Starfleet Personnel.

Duties of the Office of Personnel Administration

The Office of Personnel is responsible for the processing of all member requests which are located on the Wiki. These include Sector, Branch and Ship/Station Transfers, Service Jacket and information updates and Staff Vacancies. These are sent in by the member and are processed within a timely manner by a member of Personnel. As the Office of Personnel receives a number of requests everyday, it should be noted that it may take up to 48 hours for a request to be processed, patience is a virtue.


United Federation Starfleet Office of Personnel
Acting-Director UF Starfleet Personnel C-o3.png MelodyParis Resident
Deputy Director UF Starfleet Personnel R-blank.png Vacant
Personnel Officer W-o1.png Dakota Littlepaws
Personnel Officer R-blank.png Vacant
Personnel Officer R-blank.png Vacant

Service Jacket Photos

Every Service Jacket should have a photo displayed on it. These are currently administered by the Office of Personnel. He is the ONLY UF Starfleet Officer authorized to upload a photo to a members Service Jacket, any photo that does not conform will be removed without question. We have a standardized way in which the photos should be taken. The member should be in front of a plain grey background and should be in full duty uniform, this should comply with the requirements stated in the Uniform Policy. Pictures will be a head shot that will show the mid torso area up to just above the members head. Due to uniformity issues, submitted photos WILL NOT be accepted. To schedule a a Service Jacket Photo sesson, please contact

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