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Strive for Excellence
Office of Promotions & Awards
General Data
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2382
Status: Active
Location: Delta Quadrant
Homebase: Office of UFS Chief of Staff
Division Staff
Division Head: Jimmbo Resident
*Vice Division Head: Vacant
Division Structure


The UF Starfleet Promotions and Awards department is responsible for any and all Promotion & Award Requests.

To learn more about our Promotions and Awards please review the following manuals

Once a Promotion or Award is received, the Personnel Administration Department will make sure that your Service Jacket and Database User Profile is automatically updated for you. They work closely with the Office of Personnel to maintain accurate and up to date records of promotions as well as awards.


The Director of Promotions and Awards oversees Fleet Level Promotions and Awards. They receive and review all promotion recommendations submitted to the Promotion Board through the monthly chapter MSR's.


Office of UFS Promotions and Awards
Director Promotions & Awards Y-o3.png Jimmbo Resident
Staff Promotions & Awards T-a1.png Lizzy Gracemount
Staff Promotions & Awards R-o6.png Ulrich Bechir

Promotions in UFS

In order to be considered for a Promotion, you MUST be a registered member on the UFS Database. Upon submission of a members promotion this will be check and those nominated for a promotion who do now have an account will be rejected without hesitation. As a organisation, UFS recognizes the contributions from its members, they are a way of thanking members for their hard work and the level of effort but into the group. The concept of promotions is very simple, you get out of UFS what you put in. Whenever and however you participate in UFS in any capacity, you will be rewarded with a promotion in due time. Up until the rank of Commander, promotions are placed in the hands of the chapter Commanding Officer. Once you reach the rank of Commander, Promotions are taken out of the hands of COs and given to UFS Command. Here, your efforts in UFS are really rewarded. In some cases, a certain position may come with a promotion, this is done as some positions require a certain level of authority in order for them to carry our their duties. Positions which come with a promotion include Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sector Commanders and Chapter Commanding Officers. After 6 months, these promotions become permanent.

Awards in UFS

Along with promotions, Awards are another way of rewarding a member for the work they put in. These awards can range from Certificates, Commendations, Ribbons and Plaques. Each Chapter within UFS is encouraged to use the UFS Awards Program to set up guidlines as to how to actually awards them. In UFS we have 3 levels of awards, Chapter Level (Awarded by COs), Sector Level (Awarded by Sector Commanders) and Fleet Level (Awarded by the Commander-in-Chief).

Useful Links

More information regarding Promotions and Awards within UFS can be found in the UFS Manual here: UFS Promotions Manual

Promotions and Awards Form -