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General Data
*Class: M
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: 1, PNX101106-A
*Location: 8000 Ly Coreward of Pinatri
*Star System: 5 Planetary System
*Species of Note:No natural life forms
*Faction Affiliation: None

Planet Details

  • Stardate of discovery: 101106
  • Diameter: 12,956 km at Equator
  • Volume : 1.08 x 1012 km3
  • Surface Area: 510,072,000 square kilometers
  • 30% Land Mass, 70% Water
  • Mass 5.97 x 1024 kg
  • Atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 1% Unknown Gas

PNX101106 was discovered by the USS Aviator-A crew after being hurled some 8000 Ly coreward of Pinastri by a malfunctioning Slipstream drive system. PNX101106 is one of 5 planets in this system, however PNX101106 it the only one out of the 5 that goes in a reverse orbit around their nearby yellow dwarf star. PNX101106 has one natural satellite a small desolate object that is half the size of the moon that orbits Earth.

PNX101106 does not have any natural life forms, however there was a settlement of Uxali who came to the planet to settle in after having antimatter pollution on their homeworld. The city they had been living in for sometime was vacant when we arrived, however we met with on person Ther, who was the last of his people to leave due to a band of rogue Kazon who have returned many times causing problems for the Uxali.

Before leaving orbit at the request of Ther, the remaining parts of the city were destroyed by the USS Aviator-A so that the Kazon does not get what the Uxali left behind.

Overall PNX101106 has earth like properties, nearly the same in size and atmosphere.

End of of Data

LtCmdr. Markus Tyrellium Commanding Officer, USS Aviator NCC75101-A Stardate: 101107