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Biographical information Photo
Name: Eddie Hagoromo (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 23630905 (22) HagoromoEddie.png
Species: Caitian Place of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Caitian Ethnic Origin: Caitian
Languages: Federation Standard English Religion: None
Physical information
Height: 1.84 m Weight: 70 kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Green
Blood type: CA+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Known Hyperactivity
Other Identifying marks/Features: Have White Tail, Pink Patch on Nose, Glowy Green Eyes
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Unknown
Father Unknown Siblings Murrland Hyland (Murrland Resident)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Rear Admiral Position: Chief of UF Starfleet Computer Operations
Current Assignment: UF Starfleet Headquarters Branch: UF Starfleet Command
Sector: 001 Service Number: EH1001
Status: Active
Eddie was born on the 5th of September 2363 but never knew his parents. He grew up in an orphanage in London, England, Earth.

As a kitten, he found two hobbies, taking apart any piece of technology he got his paws on and teasing anyone he was with. When he was nervous he would often make a joke. Eddie enjoyed school learning about spaceships and stations and the various classes of Starship. He spent a lot of his free time coming up with strange and interesting ideas for classes.

When Eddie was 16 he took on the task of fixing a shuttle which had been badly damaged and had been moved into a warehouse. When he was 17 he finally finished the shuttle and his friends said he was a 'natural engineer'.

When he was 18 he left the home he had grown up in to search for something to do in his life. he tried out several things including bar tender and for a brief time a mechanic. When he was 19, he visited Jupiter Station and was overwhelmed by the activity and the engineering aspects of the station. While on Jupiter Station, he got the chance to meet Lewis Zimmerman and was fascinated by his EMH design. When he looked out one of the stations windows, he saw a ship being built to near completion; he knew where he wanted to be and later enlisted in Starfleet.

He chose to do his academy time in the Delta Quadrant on the Federation Colony, Pinastri so he could take his ideas into a completely new area of space. In the academy he made several friends which are very important to him. Also in his time at the academy he met the captain of the USS Aviator-A who described Eddie as one of the most illogical people he'd ever met, after Eddie tried several times to make the Vulcan smile with his practical jokes.

When he graduated the academy with top marks in engineering, he went aboard the USS Aviator-A under the command of Captain Tyrellium, Eddie swore someday he'd make him smile. When he served on the ship as an engineer, he made several good friends including a security officer who he took great pleasure in trying to irritate who to his amusement attempted to irritate him back. Eddie later went on to become Aviators Chief Engineer after the spot opened. During this time, he brought several ideas to the ship and upgraded various areas of the ship. After months of loyal service to the fleet and the ship, Captain Tyrellium offered him the position of first officer. He accepted the offer but secretly was worried about how he'd do and often looked to his friends for advice. He now serves as the First officer of the USS Aviator-A doing his duty as best as possible.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Joined to UFS Academy 100403
  • Order of Bajor, 1st Class: 190928
  • Resigned 210428
  • Resignation Rescinded: 210508
  • Primary Specialization: Nanorobotics
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to UFS: 100405
  • Chain of Command: 100428
  • Effective Delegation: 101012
  • Introduction to UFS Honour Guard: 101201
  • Prime Directive I: 100427
  • Prime Directive II: 100428
  • Protocols and Procedures: 100403
  • Starship & Starbase Command: 100424
  • Introduction to Diplomacy: 100427
  • Introduction to Leadership: 100429
  • UFS Ethics: 100430
  • Mentally Tact: 100429
  • Introduction to UFS Command: 100425
  • Intro to Starfighter Command: 100502
  • Instructor Training: 100428
  • Introduction to UFS Academy: 100426
  • Introduction to UFS Operations: 100921
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 100405
  • Basic Flight: 101009
  • Helmsman Protocols: 100424
  • Simulator Training: 100406, 100424,100511
  • Simulator Training: 100515,100516, 100519
  • Simulator Training: 100523
  • Interpersonal Communications: 100515
  • Pre Flight: 100425
  • Transporter Certification: 100428
  • FTL Travel: 100430
  • Introduction to ASDB Shipyards: 100424
  • Introduction to UFS Engineering: 100406
  • Workbee Operations: 100512
  • EPS Technology: 100429
  • Computers and Matter-Energy Systems: 110113
  • Impulse and Main Power Systems: 110113
  • Directed & Field Energy Mechanics: 110113
  • Damage Control and Small Craft Engineering: 110113
  • Structural and Environmental Engineering: 10113
  • Legends of Engineering: 100619
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Tricorder Functions: 100607
  • Medical Ethics: 100427
  • Basic Medical Care: 100426
  • Anaesthesia: 100427
  • Know your Hypospray: 101120
  • Nanotechnology in Medical Science: 100427
  • Introduction to UFS Science: 100405
  • Astronomy 101: 100425
  • Chemistry 101: 100429
  • Geology 101: 100502
  • Metallurgy: 100430
  • Meteorology 101: 100428
  • Physics 101: 101111
  • Temporal Mechanics 101: 101009
  • Intro to Biology: 100618
  • Introduction to UFS Security: 100426
  • Arrest, Restraint & Detention: 100426
  • Section 31 - Fact or Fiction?: 100506
  • The Obsidian Order: 100426
  • Phaser Type II Proficiency: 100531
  • Starship Security Systems II: 100427
  • Starship Security Systems I: 100517
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
No records on file.  
  • Andorians: 100429
  • Argussians: 100427
  • Bajoran Studies IV: Occupation and Resistance: 100429
  • Betazoid: 100427
  • Federation Cuisine: 100504
  • Sentient Machines: 100426
  • The Ocampa: 100426
  • Trill 101: 100429
  • Vulcan 201: History: 100428
  • Talaxians: 100612
  • History of UFS: 100419
  • Science Museum Field Trip: 100427
  • The Romulan War: 100426
  • Temporal History: 100517
  • History of Starships II: 101121
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file.  
  • Phaser III Expert: 100618
  • Phaser III Sharpshooter: 100618
  • Phaser III Marksmen: 100618
  • Phaser III Proficiency: 100531
  • Phaser II Expert: 100618
  • Phaser II Sharpshooter: 100618
  • Phaser II Marksmen: 100618
  • TR116 Proficiency: 100531
  • TR116 Marksmen: 110128
  • TR116 Sharpshooter: 110128
  • TR116 Expert: 110128
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation RibbonUFSA Achievement RibbonFleet Engineering Proficiency AwardUFSA SuperIntendants AwardRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardFirst Contact RibbonRobert April Command Award Ribbon.pngUFS Medal of Honor (2 Awards)Distinguished Service CrossFederation Star 1Order of the Shining StarThe CompOps AwardLegion of MeritLifetime Service Ribbon (10 Awards)Silver Service AwardGold Service AwardPlatinum Service AwardGood Conduct Award (5x)Extended Tour Ribbon (5x)RFLRibbon.pngPlatinum Service RibbonExecutive Action

UFS Weapons Proficiency
Marksman Sharpshooter Expert
Phaser Type II Expert
Type III Rifle Expert
TR116 Expert