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Biographical information Photo
Name: Isis Gaelyth (aka, Ta'Prain, daughter of Azetbur) (Unknown) Date of Birth (Age): Feb 07 2360 (25) GaelythIsis.jpg
Species: ¾ Klingon, ¼ Human Place of Birth: First City, Qo'noS
Nationality: Klingon/Irish Ethnic Origin: Klingon/Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English, Klingon Religion: Kahless the Unforgettable
Physical information
Height: 2.106261 Weight: 85.303550
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Allergy to Cats, Tribbles
Other Identifying marks/Features: smooth Klingon ridges
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Azetbur of the House of T'lak
Father Merzan of the House of Kurr (deceased) Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: None Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: None Branch: None
Sector: 001 Service Number: 745
Status: Deactivated Account 211016
Born First City, Qo'noS, 600207. Maternal grandmother human. Has smooth facial ridges, leading some to shun her as a reminder of failed genetic experiments (see Klingon Augments). Also has blue eyes, very unusual among Klingons. Father a respected warrior of the House of Kurr, died with Honour in a skirmish with the Romulans in 2365. After his death, mother visited Earth and Vulcan, studying history, diplomacy and mediation, feeling strongly that it is possible for Klingons to move beyond their warrior philosophy and develop a more peaceful and logical way of life. Highly intelligent but passionate, Tavana (as she was known then) rebelled against her mother’s ‘weakness’. She insisted on having a Rite of Ascension ceremony at age 14 and trained as a warrior, gaining respect from others despite her obvious differences, thus following in her father’s footsteps.

She broke her collarbone in 2383, leading to a period of enforced inactivity, in which she devoured many books and scrolls. Her love of science and philosophy (& Klingon poetry) led Tavana to rethink her position. In 2384 she spent several months on Vulcan and embraced the idea of arei'mnu (purge of emotion), and the study of pure logic. In the end she decided to enroll in Star Fleet, with the goal of exploring the universe, obtaining further knowledge of space and its inhabitants, while representing a… slightly gentler, thoughtful side of the fierce Klingon race. Still, despite all her studies in logic, she struggles with her emotions. She spends her free time reading, in meditation, in stellar cartography, in attempting to learn other languages. In the past, she held herself aloof from others, afraid her naturally aggressive Klingon nature would reveal itself and impact them adversely but this perversely made her feel even more alone. She is proud, but demonstrates compassion and understanding. She is a formidable opponent but only uses her physical prowess when challenged or in defence of others. She recently changed her name to T'Prain to signify her adherance to pure logic.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Order of the Bat’leth 2382
  • LOA - 101026 - 101221
  • Resigned 211015 Deactivated Account
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to United Federation Starfleet:100913
  • Protocols and Procedures:100918
  • Chain of Command:100926
  • Effective Delegation:101012
  • Instructor Training: 101012
  • Introduction to UFS Academy:101109, 180112
  • UFS Ethics: 180205
  • Introduction to Holodecks: 180213
  • Courtesy & Conduct: 180310
  • Introduction to UFS Operations: 101015
  • Introduction to UFS Communications:101010
  • Alien Languages 101:101104
  • Basic Flight:101008
  • Bridge Duty Stations:101001
  • Helmsman Protocols:101009
  • Interpersonal Communications:101001
  • Pre Flight:100925
  • Operations Branch Practical:100923,100928,100930
  • Subspace Communication: 101010
  • Personal and Intraship Comms: 180310
  • Introduction to UFS Engineering: 101003
  • FTL Travel: 100927
  • Transporter Certification: 101001
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Psychological & Physiological Effects of Space Travel on Humans:101009
  • Psychology 101:101009
  • Space Sickness: 180206
  • Amnesia: 180213
  • Introduction to UFS Science:100930
  • Astronomy 101:100926
  • Geology 101:100915
  • Physics 101:100926
  • Stellar Cartography 101:100926
  • Science Branch Practical:110308
  • Interspecies Marriage and Mating:110306
  • Introduction to UFS Security:100916
  • Phaser Safety:100914
  • Federation Law: 101011
  • Security Organisations: 101008
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Introduction to UFS Intelligence:100916
  • Interrogation Methods:100914
  • Tal Shiar I:101018
  • Tal Shiar II:101018
  • Kazon Collective: 101007
  • Vulcan 101:100922
  • Klingon Empire 101:101007
  • UFS History I:100915
  • The Eugenics Wars:100928
  • The Romulan War:101004
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file.  
  • Phaser Type II Proficiency:100914
Medical History Educational History
  • Broken collar bone 2383, excellent vision, enhanced sense of smell
No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation AwardTask Force Ironforge RibbonOCTS RibbonKaruun Campaign RibbonCombat Service RibbonRelativity Award