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Biographical information Photo
Name: Nevin Korobase (Hermahrodite) ((Hermaphrodite) (Female)) Date of Birth (Age): 070515 (23 (6660 in Kitsune Years)) KorobaseN.png
Species: Shapeshifter Place of Birth: Kitsune Colony (Destroyed) (Now Earth)
Nationality: English Ethnic Origin: Unknown
Languages: Federation Standard English / Japanese Religion: None
Physical information
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 117 lbs
Hair: Not Specified Eyes: Not Specified
Blood type: AB+++ Medical Restrictions: Glasses
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Mated Spouse Kami Irata
Children Veryfluffy Wingtips, MilesPrower Dagger Mother Aurora Korobase
Father Not Specified Siblings Bluecoyote Yifu & Toko Furse
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade Position: Engineer
Current Assignment: Engineering Headquarters, Cascadia Shipyards Branch: Engineering
In the Nether Rim regions of Kitsurelia, in the 4th Sector of the Beta Quadrant on the Kitsune Colony planet, Nevin Korobase a Shapeshifter was born. Hir Mother were Aurora Korobase, shi loved hir daughter very much when shi was born into the world and into hir arms. When Nevin reached the age of 4 shi began to start walking on all four of hir paws, shi fell over a few times but shi always gurgled a giggle. Around the time when shi was 7 a war broke out as the Yugor species began to infest and destroy the planets population. Aurora got out with hir daughter in a type 1 shuttlecraft built by the engineers of the planet. Shi managed to get out off the planet with hir daughter but....a Yugor cruise torpedo hit and destroyed the port bow of the shuttle, their engines began to leak radiation causing hyperdermal fluctuations in the shuttlecrafts manifold as they crash landed on an unknown planet called Earth. Nevins Mom sadly died when the shuttle crashed but shi got a bump on the head. On the next day 2 unknown people called humans called Kojiro and Kazuko Yatsenko came and saw the wreckage. They knew Nevin's Mom had died, but they hir in and nurtured hir. As the years progressed shi began to seem older and taller as shi was now aged 102, shi reached age progression faster than in the adult would. Shi started walking on hir own 2 footpaws balancing one infront of the other. When shi reached another high age spurt shi seemed more mature as hir body looked more slender, later that year shi began to learn English and Japanese with hir new foster parents who couldn't conceive a child. They began talking about something called Starfleet. For the first time shi heard about the word Starfleet shi knew that the shuttle shi came in was made by someone who is a former member but of hir species. Shi began searching for Starfleet but found United Federation Starfleet though shi resigned 2 years ago. A few months or less later shi returned from resignation, continuing hir Career. Through many Divisions shi believes hir mindset is on Science and to teach in the Academy as a Science Professor. Now in Science at the age of 6660, older than any other race shi has encountered. Hir mind began to be more mature with amazing new information and continued.
Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Induction Date: 070523
  • LOA; 090220
  • Resigned Commission: 090306
  • Returned to Active Duty: 100806
  • UFS Academy: 100806
  • Graduated from UFS Academy: 080522
  • Transferred to Security Division: 080522
  • Transferred to Engineering Division: 080609
  • Transferred to Operations Branch: 080903
  • Transferred to Engineering Branch: 080922
  • Shipyard Engineer: 080922 to 090120
  • Shipyard Vice Division Head: 090120 to 090306
  • ASDB Engineer, Advanced Starship Design Bureau:100818 to 100913
  • Deputy Director, Advanced Starship Design Bureau: 100913 - 110326
  • Engineer, UFS Engineering Headquarters, Cascadia Shipyards: 110326 to Present
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file.  
  • Failed to report June 08 Roll Call
Promotion History Awards

Extended Tour RibbonGood Conduct RibbonLifetime Service Ribbon  - 1 Year