Sagiphise Resident

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Biographical information Photo
Name: Sagiphise Resident (Lenina Huxley) (Female) Date of Birth (Age): Date of birth. 14th February 2392 (25) ResidentSagiphise.jpg
Species: Human/Betazoid Place of Birth: Betazed
Nationality: British Ethnic Origin: Human/Betazoid
Languages: Federation Standard English, Vulcan, Betazoid, Romulan, Klingon, etc. Religion: Four Deities and in the Great Fire
Physical information
Height: Height 1.5 Weight: Weight 58kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Black
Blood type: A+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: not yet Gone threw the Phase
Other Identifying marks/Features: Identifying Dark eyes and hair
Maritial Status: Marital Status Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Kearri Gostrad
Father Edward Marsh Siblings none
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Position: Vice Chief Operations Officer
Current Assignment: SS Tranquility Branch: UF Starfleet Operations
Sector: 001 Service Number: 2638
Status: Active
I am 25 years old and as yet not gone threw what is physiological change known as "The Phase" during which my sex drive increased by a factor of four or more. I do hope I find Love soon, I was tested for Empathy as a child but my Parents did not push it as they wanted me to make a free choice with Empathy comes a cost as yet I have not followed up on this ability, My appearance is very Human looking and my Eyes are Black like my Mothers, I have always longed for adventure, Before Starfleet I was a Catwalk Model in the human world, but that choice also comes with a cost, I am ready for love it will find me eventually I know but I am not one for multable Sexual encounters with Lusting Men, I am a strong woman, I am not yet tested for Telepathic abilities it will either come or not, I worked and studied hard and got physically fit, I served for 18 monthes in Bajoran Intelligence as a Field Officer, but yearned for more so I applied to Starfleet and eventually got accepted, I have yet to be Assigned to a Ship of the Line but I will wait patiently
Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Induction UF Starfleet: 201006
  • Merged to SL Account Dorothy Ward: 220220
  • BBCP Operations Certification: 210626
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • New Member Entrance Exam 201006
  • Chain of Command 201008
  • Bridge Duty Stations 201008
  • Introduction to Holodecks 201014
  • Protocols and Procedures 210531
  • Introduction to Leadership 210610
  • Interpersonal Communication 210610
  • Promotions and Awards 210610
  • UFS Ethics 210610
  • Introduction to Starfleet Operations 210530
  • Subspace Communications 210610
  • Personnel Support Systems 210610
  • Environmental Systems 210610
  • Computer and Matter-Energy Systems 210610
  • Transporter Certification 210610
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Amnesia 201017
  • Astronomy 101 210610
  • Black Holes and Neutron Stars 210610
  • TACT 201: Defensive Systems 210610
  • SEC 201: Standard Operating Procedures 210610
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Introduction to Starfleet Intelligence 201008
  • Intelligence Ridealong (Peedy Thor) 201008
  • Intelligence Ridealong (Peedy Thor) 201015
No records on file.  
  • UFS History I: Politics and Pinastri 201011
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file. None.
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation AwardECTS RibbonMidshipman Program Ribbon