Positions in UFS

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UFS Command Positions

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Senior Staff

Support Staff

Helm/Navigation Positions

UFS Academy Positions

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UFS Operations Positions

UFS Engineering Positions

UFS Science Positions

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Life Sciences Division

Evolutionary Sciences Division

Physical Sciences Division

Astro Sciences Division

Technical Sciences Division

Social Sciences Division

Enlisted Positions (All Divisions)

UFS Medical Positions

UFS Security Positions

UFS Tactical Positions

Positions within the UFS Intelligence Directorate


Directorate Headquarters

Intelligence Analysis and Internal Affairs Directorate

  • ACE (Analysis and Control Element)

Expeditionary Intelligence Directorate

  • MIST (There are four departments called MISTs (Mobile Intelligence Support Teams); Alpha MIST, Beta MIST, Gamma MIST, and Delta MIST, based upon UFS Duty Shift times)

UFSMC Positions